Mom Shuts Down Idea That Women's Bodies Should 'Snap Back' With Raw Postpartum Selfie

Picture a mom post-pregnancy. If you're pulling up images of Kate Middleton looking flawless, or celebrities hitting the gym, then I have some news for you: that nonsense is not reality.

The reality is different, and a lot less "pretty" than people think. It's raw, and a little uncomfortable, and it's so freeing to see. Let's check it out.

Meet Khloe Kuriatnyk.

She's a self-proclaimed "mom friend" (aka the best friends ever) who dedicates her time on social media to showing the reality of being a mom — warts, breastfeeding, and all.

Recently, Khloe showed off what an actual postpartum body looks like.

"Normalize raw and real postpartum pictures instead of the six-week' snap back' picture," she wrote on Instagram.

"Normalize celebrating all that our bodies can do instead of making us feel pressured to look a certain way after having a baby.⁣"

She is very against feeling bad about what her body went through while pregnant.

"Normalize talking about what happens with our bodies and minds after giving birth instead of acting like it’s something we should be ashamed of.⁣"

We gotta erase shame from childbirth! Having a child is an amazing thing!

She's posted a few pictures of herself hours after giving birth.

"This picture was taken 10 hours after giving birth. And although I had big empty belly, giant mesh undies, a pad the size of an adult diaper and cracked nipples - I never felt stronger or more proud of being a mother. "

She's not afraid to show off what her body looks like post-baby.

Your body doesn't just "snap back" without some work, which isn't always what people deem to be Instagram-worthy. Thankfully, Khloe doesn't give af — she's trying to normalize conversations about what this whole journey is really about.

She's also a huge advocate for body positivity for everyone.

"Yes, your lower belly is supposed to stick out. You know why? Because your uterus is there! To be more specific, your body creates and holds extra fat in your lower belly to protect, yes, your uterus!"

Flat bellies aren't the norm!

She also posts about how hard it is to be a mom.

She gets pretty real about the loneliness and isolation that comes with being a stay at home mom whose only company is comprised of kids under the age of five.

Her honesty became a movement, called #Momsivity.

It's designed to help moms feel good about their bodies, and feel comfortable posting what they actually look like! Moms have been using the hashtag to post their bodies, as well as them breastfeeding!

#Momsivity is just beginning.

Khloe wants to bring acceptance to women everywhere, helping them feel unashamed of their bodies, no matter what size or shape they are!

This woman is truly the hero we need, but don't deserve.

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