Blogger Compares XL And XS Versions Of The Same Outfit To Prove Style Isn't Defined By Size

Reasons women are amazing: They're out here doing the jobs big companies should be doing.

If you're online shopping, you know the struggle of figuring out if you're getting the right size. Thankfully, two bloggers have taken it upon themselves to start showing what clothes look like on their two different body types!

It's called #XLvsXS, and it was developed by a Russian blogger.

Meet Marina Kamenskaya, a stylist and blogger whose main goal is to show women that fashion is for everyone, not just the people you see modeling it.

She tries on different clothes with a friend.

She's an XL, and her chosen friend is always an XS. With this outfit, both women wanted to show how a shapeless, v-neck dress falls on them both. You can see that the bust hits very differently on each woman!

She also records TikTok style videos with her friends!

Each woman takes turns showing off her chosen outfit. This one featured a button-up green dress, which actually looks the same on both women! Now that's a true fashion rarity.

Let's check out a crop top moment.

You cannot go wrong with a crop top, trust me. This look is similar on both women, with the crop top hitting them at the perfect place. Marina belted her pants higher to compensate for her shirt's hem hitting higher than her friend's.

This look really shows how different clothes can look!

The pants have a very different structure on both women. In an XL, they fall down in a straight line. On XS, they have more of a triangle shape.

Let's check out an oversized shirt dress.

This dress belts very differently on both women. Marina's is more flattering with the belt buckle dead center, pulling focus to the middle of her body.

Belts are actually key to creating silhouettes.

When you're working with a belt and a dress, choosing where the belt goes is crucial to creating your waistline. Marina always places hers right at the dip in her waist, giving her a snatched shape.

Silk is such an interesting material to see on different bodies!

Marina totally rocks this olive-toned silk dress! The ruching works better on a larger bust, whereas the XS dress didn't compensate for a smaller bust.

Marina favors dresses over pants for her comparison videos.

Dresses are flattering on a variety of shapes, which makes them perfect for comparisons. You can see the XS dress has more material around the waist, while Marina's is fitted.

Come through, casual Friday!

These outfits are so damn funny. It's the epitome of Gen Z fashion. The shorts have less of a structured shape on Marina, and each blazer fits each bust very differently.

What about a tied-off shirt?

This is also totally possible on different body types. Marina chose to keep hers very flush with the waistline of her pants, while her XS example allowed for some space.

I love the different way they've styled this shirt.

This long-sleeved top hits differently on each woman, so they chose to tuck Marina's in! It gives her a really defined waist, whereas it looks oversized in XS.

Polka dots are back, baby.

How cute is this dress? It honestly looks identical on both of them, proving that some dresses truly can transcend sizes. Who knew that could actually happen?

You can't go wrong with a good coat.

They chose to style this coat the exact same way, as if they were wearing dresses! Each woman is absolutely serving looks in this coat. I have no notes, only praise.

Are chunky belts back?

Because Marina has been rocking them, and I need to know if we're doing the whole chunky belt thing again. I survived 2000s fashion, and I am not sure we should be doing this! Tbh!

These looks wound up pretty different.

There's a lot going on here, so let's dive in. The XS shirt really does look good tucked into the pants, which are high-waisted. On Marina, she chose to give herself some shape with a belt, since the shirt is pretty unforgiving.

What do you think of this experiment? It's interesting to see how the same outfits can change just because of the size difference!

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