40 Hilarious Pics So People Can Laugh Real Good

These are just a few of the funniest pics online right now. We all have busy schedules, so there's hardly enough time in the day to spend scouring the internet for things to laugh at. However, now that I'm doing the heavy lifting, you can enjoy all the funny content the internet has to offer while still having time for the more important things in your day.

1. This one's clearly for all the dads out there...

Reddit | orlanthi

I'm actually happy my dad wasn't the dad joke kind of dad. Seriously. I mean, from what I already have to hear of the guys becoming fathers around me (and taking every opportunity to insert punny jokes everywhere, all the time) I think we're all in for a few cringey years ahead. Scratch that: decades.

2. Good one, much smarts. Much wow. 

Reddit | ig-Pay-atin-Lay

The thing is, you can be super clever, but to what end? Is THIS really the way you want to remember your prom? (I'm hoping this isn't a wedding pic...)

P.S. Shout-out to the Redditor who put "Beauty and the Beef" as their comment. That's my favorite part of this whole outfit.

3. Kit Harrington, a man with many faces.

Twitter | @sansastcrk

After seeing these, I think I could still enjoy the show if Kit played every single character. Mo' Kit, mo' better!

4. This lady trying to sell used lace underwear. Note that they can easily be fixed with "duck tape."

Reddit | FirstNameDateOfBirth

All I can say is that whoever is buying used underwear online probably has no interest in actually wearing them...yuck.

5. That time you decided not to measure anything before doing your one job...

Reddit | aznofchaos

This actually makes me angry inside for the most messed up reason, I'm sure. Okay, I know. I hate the fact it looks that ugly and isn't even functional.


6. Uh-oh, this isn't gonna be good. 

Reddit | liptongary

I'm literally the worst when it comes to laughing at someone else's pain. I mean, I try to hide my amusement and help them out, but sometimes it's just way too hard.

I'd need a second if I saw this one IRL for sure.

7. Translations kill me. Like, could you be a little more specific, please?

Reddit | zgo280

Me sitting on the couch watching a subtitled movie like this: Okay, they were literally just saying words. What words? Why don't I understand what I'm watching?

Are subtitles even accurate?

Other me: You can learn another language this way AND watch Netflix all day Saturday guilt-free.

8. Kids say (and write) the darndest things, don't they?

Reddit | SunnyvaleBubbles2112

Like...some of the right feels are definitely there and that's something, right? B+ for effort?

But...Mom might wanna have a few chats about some other stuff still, just in case.

9. "Caught the perfect shot of my mom trying to get the cat out of the tomato garden."

Reddit | kaasett

I can't stop laughing at how chill that cat is, even while literally being swatted out of a bush. Kitty don't care. Kitty run this town.

10. "Girlfriend stayed over for the first time last night. It has begun."

Reddit | [deleted]

The funniest part? This is ALL it takes to seriously spook a guy these days: a bobby pin. A hair tie.

NEWSFLASH: These things fall out, get lost, run around on their own, do whatever they want. SERIOUSLY, we couldn't hang onto these things if we tried. This is why we're always buying them, so get prepped for that when and if you ever decide to actually date a female.

11. This kid basically sums up how we've all felt eating out with our families at some point.

Reddit | ooazdog

Actually, this is usually what I do every day against my cubical at work...

12. I thought he had this one in the bag.

Reddit | cooldeadguy

You know what though? You *almost* gotta give this guy some props for trying. The confidence this man must have to walk into a bank with something like that, eyes almost closed, half-zombied...

13. This girl who can fit two corn dogs in her mouth at once. 

Imgur | arbbra

This is an accomplishment. Clearly, if there's a corn dog eating contest to be won, Lilly is your girl.

14. "I think my husband broke the dog." You know, I think you could be right on this one.

Reddit | Reddit

Me: stares at dog pic for way too long, trying not to chuckle because those eyes also really freak me out and now I'm a weird mix of amused and terrified of sleeping tonight.

15. So many layers to unpack from one headline! 

Reddit | Walterm7378

My main questions: HOW, exactly, did she train the squirrels and what kind of "attacks" were they? How many squirrels were necessary for the attack?

Asking for a friend...

16. And the dog never trusted the boy bro again. 

Reddit | hypersite

That look of utter betrayal isn't one that goes away with a simple pet and lick of some peanut butter, you know. This little bro's got some explaining to do!

Oh wait... it's a dog.

17. Oh god, they're planning an uprising! You knew this day would happen.

Twitter | @Richard_Kadrey

Cats aren't loyal. All they want in life is to rule the world — or at least to rule the can opener.

18. I hate to be "that" person, but...WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!

Reddit | luleigas

Maybe I'm just incredibly ignorant (I wouldn't be surprised) but....do those have a function other than being some pseudo high heel platform thing for men or something? What's the white stripe for?

19. Ummm...that's because it's physically IMPOSSIBLE to be perfectly postured all the time, okay? OKAY?

Reddit | rotten180

So my editor just totally heard me maybe saying something about posture in a really aggressive way and decided to remind me that yes, we can all have PERFECT POSTURE.


She probably does yoga after work too.

20. I hear Barney's a real riot to be around. Keeps the crowd singing and dancing for hours...

Reddit | BeatBoxingMoose

But when he gets to the billiards...watch out. See that look in his eyes? This is not the Barney who walked into the bar. This is the Barney you had nightmares about.

Plot twist: Barney lost and tore up half the table with his bare purple paws.

21. You know what, let's just cancel the day altogether and chill in bed with chocolate!

Reddit | Mijnmooie

The worst part of this pic is now every time I actually do hit snooze x5, I'm going to see that Dove chocolate logo staring back at me, calling to me...

22. Sometimes the funniest jokes are the most basic. 

Reddit | Tiko_Xz

What happens if we try this with a pie graph though? Or if we want to tell this joke in person?

Humor shouldn't have to be this hard, amirite?! Now all I want is pie.

23. It all makes sense now! Mom was right all along! 

Reddit | DrFlavor

This is somewhat real photographic evidence of everything your mom has been telling you about Lego. It's out to get us, all of us. No feet are safe.

NOW CLEAN YOUR ROOM, you're 24 years old for crying out loud.

24. Some good old-fashioned fun.

Reddit | gotemyey

Whoever did this, thank you for having a sense of humor in an age of ridiculousness. It's much-needed and provides much wow for the internet looking for laughs.

What a waste of a perfectly good choco chip cookie tho!

25. This guy who's using a selfie stick in the best way possible.

Reddit | dutchy4233

Hours of standing, crowds, day drinking — music festivals can be tiring, and most of us can't see the band from where we're standing anyway.

26. Whoa, whoa, whoa, savage clapback there, Antonio. Thank you. 

Instagram | @hispanic.ologies

Now, I'm not one for starting internet feuds (I'm more of the sit-and-watch-it-burn-from-a-distance while-eating-something person) but I definitely approve this clapback. It's subtle, yet the right amount of savage.

27. "Are you here to pick up the Mystery Machine?" "Don't be absurd, I drive the whale."

Reddit | [deleted]

Trust me, driving Moby Dick around is guaranteed to get you all the ladies.

28. This is so accurate, you almost have to share it with your girl.

Twitter | @jabbeats

My votes: Wendy's and KFC. KFC opens up a whole other board for gravy tournamenting though. Oh yeah, it's a verb when food is involved. Obviously.

29. Carlos, who's a close second.

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

Who's to say Carlos isn't a genuine Mayan virgin? As long as there's enough pico de gallo, you can't really go wrong with tacos, virgins or no.

30. The person who wrote this deeply moving cookie message.

Reddit | MousetrapPete

That's why it's important to have an English degree...because when you inevitably end up in a glamorous job such as this, you don't make silly mistakes.

31. This mattress store that is the epitome of extra.

Twitter | @623fer

Those dog mattresses are better than my mattress at home! Just another thing to add to the list of reasons I wish I were a dog.

32. The guy in the back who got the wrong room.

Reddit | TimTim67

Dude, I thought I was here to learn about falling off the edge of the world, not the bodily humors!

33. This wiener who is the cutest wiener I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot...

Twitter | @KillJerry_

If my Tinder matches could just send me pictures of dachshunds instead, that'd be greeeeaaaat.

34. Not everyone is cut out for security jobs. Sometimes the pressure gets to be too much.

Twitter | @bilalfarooqui

Poor guy is in a better place now. I guess the wishing fountain granted his final wish.

35. One has to wonder if this is a fairly new company or if a pre-existing pool company completely rebranded after the movie release...

Reddit | ramblingtambler

I'm really hoping it wasn't the rebranding route... I mean, come on, does this really work on anybody, ever?

36. This guy who clearly has something against pizza.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Who would disrespect one of the greatest things known to humankind in such a way?! I don't want to stereotype, but bet there's pineapple on it.

37. I always thought my neighbors were trash people; turns out they're actually trash pandas.

Twitter | @willmenaker

This little guy is pretty cute though. Better that he's in the eaves trough than in your garbage!

38. Kids! Come look, it's a tomato eating a cucumber! Now don't YOU want to eat this tomato eating a cucumber? 

Reddit | Tylerc_

*Mom hands it over and waits for the look on her kids' faces*

They look as sad as this snack, so she says, "I saw it on Pinterest and it said you would 'lose your cool' over this little tomcuca..." The internet did not ever call this a tomcuca, she makes that up to sound cool.

No, Mom, no.

39. Is anyone else dying over how hostile the PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE looks? 

Reddit | Reddit

Garfield's all like: for the 100000000th time, hiss off already, will you? THIS IS MY PARK. THIS IS MY TOWNNN!!! Stop bringing me to the pound! (My hoomans really hate it when I go there.)

40. Anyone who is too afraid to just post their damn selfie.

Reddit | ThreeDaysHaste

Just post your selfie, get your likes, and get outta here! No more excuses! It's 2017, the selfie is basically considered an art form.

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