Marriage Quotes For Anyone Who's Ever Wondered What It's Really Like

Hello there, unmarried folks. Thanks for clicking in. (And hello to all you people with a ring on your finger who knew exactly what to expect but still wanted to come enjoy some chuckles, courtesy of some good old marriage quotes.)

If you're not quite sure what happens after you've said, "I do," fear not, for I have compiled some super helpful quotes that will tell you just about everything you need to know about the world of marriage.

Well, perhaps more specifically, the world of husbands.

Things definitely heat up, if you know what I mean.

I'm sure you're wondering why they do this, but unfortunately I do not have an answer for you. I also don't know why they can't cover dishes that they put in the microwave to prevent splatter, or why they'll happily fill the sink with dirty plates when there's a completely empty dishwasher just begging to be filled right behind them.

That's just the mystery of husbands, I suppose.

Watching him with the kids will spark joy.

A sick, unhealthy, but utterly delicious sense of joy. Watch in secret satisfaction while he tries to deal with the very same monsters you're left to deal with for 10 hours by yourself every single day.

Watch and smile and think to yourself, "Take that."

Even just his picture can evoke an emotional response from you.

Hey, no one said that emotional response was always going to be positive. Personally, if I'm mad enough I don't just stop at an eye roll — I'll knock that picture right over.

You would do anything (and pretty much *do* everything) for him.

I'm convinced men would be positively helpless without their mothers or their wives. They would all just sort of stumble around, looking for things they didn't put away in the right place and then getting mad because they didn't put it away in the right place.

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