It Turns Out Pool Noodles Are The Unexpected Material For Making Epic DIY Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is officially upon us. Crafters, do you have your glue guns ready? What about your baubles? Your greenery? Great! It sounds like you are ready for the holiday crafty season.

However, there is one material you might also want to consider using this year: a pool noodle. Yes, you read that correctly. It turns out pool noodles are just the thing to take your DIY decor to the next level.

Wreath 1: Greenery.

Wreaths are a popular pool noodle project, so I'll be showing you a few. This one is a totally traditional wreath that you'd assume someone got at Michael's for an unreasonable amount of money, right?

Make faux logs with them!

This is so cute, and honestly? You cannot tell those are pool noodles. You'll need a lot of tissue paper for this one, but it's totally worth it.

Some people are using them as candies.

Ribbon is key to decorating these pool noodles, y'all! This one is wrapped in cellophane and tied off with even more ribbon, then placed in the tree!

Wreath 2: All ornament edition.

I genuinely have a hard time believe that this is a pool noodle. You're going to need a LOT of ornaments for this one, but I think we can all agree it's worth it.

Three words: cactus Christmas tree.

You're going to need two noodles and some garland — a lot of garland, actually. String some lights up, add some ornaments, and enjoy your desert-themed Christmas!

Dog not included.

This is a really cute way to introduce large decor into your own for a very small price. Hot glue will help you keep this baby together, and don't forget the wrap and ribbon!

Wreath 3: Wrap edition!

I love projects that use yarn wrapped around things you'd never expect. It makes the pool noodle look so chic and stylish. Grab some pinecones from your yard, and you're good to go!

Make a candy cane!

This awesome candy cane will look great with your other Christmas decorations. You'll need some wire to get that bent just right, but I believe in you!

Wreath 4: Ribbon it up.

If you're at a loss with your pool noodle and you don't want to go insane with the ornaments, consider wrapping that thing in ribbon and calling it a day! Boom, easy.

This ENTIRE TREE is pool noodles.

Tired of their cats batting off their decorations, this clever crafter decided to make a permanent installation. They bent and stacked pool noodles on top of each other, then hot glued ornaments all over it! No more broken glass on the floor.

Create a table runner for cheap.

Your table's centerpiece doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Lay a pool noodle out, glue ornaments to it, and have it look absolutely effortless at your Christmas feast.

Wreath 5: Bling central.

Aka the wreath I would totally make. Hit up the thrift store for some decorative, over-the-top brooches, pop into clearance sections for jewelry, and get to stabbin'.

This centerpiece left room for candles.

Another table pool noodle idea? Of course! You can never have to many when it comes to a holiday full of food. This awesome idea leaves room for candles or other decor.

Wreath 6: Light it up!

We have reached the last of the wreaths, and this one is the coolest. While you're busy gluing those ornaments in, leave some room for string lights — it'll look great in your front window!

People seriously love these pool noodle lollipops.

It's easy to see why — you get a lot of bang for your buck with these bad boys. You can get all the materials at your local dollar store and whip up enough to turn your home into a literal Candy Cane Lane.

Wreath 7: Play with color.

What I love about this wreath is the color palette. If you want to change things up from the traditional red and green decor, you can make a pool noodle wreath with any colors you want. This jewel-toned wreath is simply stunning.