The Internet Needs To Stop Shaming Jennifer Lopez For Not Being 'Family Friendly'

In case anyone forgot, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most beautiful and talented women in the entertainment industry!

Also, she's JENNIFER FRIGGIN LOPEZ! She isn't known for being G-rated. And let's be fair, if I looked like her, I too would not be known for giving "family-friendly" performances, or wearing any full-length tops.

These days, people are really deciding to have an issue with my girl, Jenny from the Block.

Good thing I have a calendar around because the way some people are acting, it's easy to forget we're in 2020!

Ya know, a time where a successful, beautiful, INDEPENDENT, talented, JACKED AF woman can dance on stage and not be asbolutely destroyed online for it.

In case anyone forgot, JLo is 51-years-old. FIFTY-FRIGGIN-ONE-YEARS-OLD!

Instead of using an outdated, misogynistic insult of telling her to "act her age" we should be celebrating how amazing she looks, and how killer she STILL IS!

It's garbage that so many people are quick to praise and celebrate a man for looking hot after 50 (which of course, they DO) but then expect women over 50 to be what... NUNS?!

We should be celebrating how JLo is defying all odds against the entertainment industry and proving a woman's career doesn't need to end just because she hit the big 5-0!

I hope one day, the world can stand together, holding hands and sing "If You Had My Love" to bring world PEACE!

And hey, if you don't want to let your kids see a strong, independent woman dancing and expressing herself on TV, maybe don't let them watch music award shows at 10 PM?