Michael J. Fox Compares Trump To 'Back To The Future' Villain: 'Biff Is President!'

It's not unusual for fans of films or television shows to point out similarities between certain characters and real life people, especially when it comes to really iconic villains. It's a bit more unusual for the stars of those movies to come out and do the same thing, like Michael J. Fox has just done when it comes to his wildly popular film franchise, Back To The Future.

The *Back To The Future* movies are some all-time classics.

The movies follow young Marty McFly (played perfectly by Michael J. Fox) and his friend, Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd), as they travel both backward and forward in time to save the world as they know it.

One of the most iconic characters from the series is the villain, Biff Tannen.

In recent years, many have noted some similarities between Biff and President Donald Trump, particularly in the second movie where Biff becomes a very successful businessman who owns a grandiose casino and sports a pretty familiar looking hairdo.

Michael J. Fox has weighed in on the discussion himself.

“Every worst instinct in mankind has been played on [by Trump], and for me that’s just anathema. Biff is president!” Michael explained in a new interview, referencing what's already been confirmed as Biff being based on Donald Trump.

“When you see your particular group mocked, it’s such a gut punch," Michael went on, referencing when Trump appeared to mock a disabled reporter in 2016.

"It’s so senseless and cheap. There’s no way I get up in the morning and mock orange people,” Michael went on to say.

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h/t: The Guardian