'Frozen' Is Not The Best Disney Movie, And We Should Stop Pretending It Is

I've been keeping something bottled up inside for what feels like ages. I've wrestled with the decision to voice my opinion but enough is enough; the time is now. Ready? Big breath in... Frozen is not the best Disney movie.

Not by a long shot, in fact. But somehow along the way, we've been duped into believing otherwise. I say: no more. We need to accept that Frozen isn't the best Disney movie, and stop pretending otherwise.

First of all, it does a horrible job of staying true to its source material.

The film is actually based on a story called "The Snow Queen" written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Frozen is a bastardized adaptation; a rare example of Disney taking a classic fairytale and making it worse.

Not only does it take creative liberties, the plot itself is boring and feels overly drawn out.

Maybe if they spent less time trying to erect metaphors and filling the space between scenes with mundane musical moments, they could have focused more on the story.

This brings me to my next point...

What's with all the singing and dancing?

I know this is a Disney movie but it feels like every couple of minutes someone (or something) is breaking out into song.

And not good songs, either. This feels more like a night at the opera than a Disney movie.

There's little-to-no character development throughout the entire movie.

For being such a subversive movie, Frozen sure does lean hard on stereotypical archetypes — specifically as they relate to their male characters. It also assumes way too much.

For instance, where do Elsa's ice powers come from? Who or what are these 'trolls' that heal Anna and how do they fit in?

The sidekicks are just plain annoying.

I don't have anything against Sven, but Olaf is another story entirely. First of all: a magic talking snowman? That's a little on-the-nose, even for Disney.

But what's even more bewildering is how he always has something to say! But we suppose that's for the children.

It's remarkably unfunny — like, not at all.

All the greatest Disney movies have a heavy helping of humor: Aladdin, Toy Story, The Lion King, and the list goes on.

The jokes in Frozen fall flat, echoing with a resounding thud. There's plenty of symbolism but very few genuine laughs.

Finally, *Frozen* isn't as subversive as you might think.

Take the song "Let It Go" out of the equation, and what you're left with is a typical Disney movie with characters behaving in typical Disney fashion.

The women are predictable, the men are brutish and dim-witted, and in the end — love conquers all.

*Frozen* may take a slightly different route, but the destination remains the same as it always has been.

Frozen is a political statement wrapped in a wet blanket. It deals in half measures and is a B-level Disney movie at best.

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