Creative DIYer Makes A Christmas Tree Using Branches From Her Backyard

Man, what can't we learn from TikTok these days?

From life hacks to home decor tips, TikTok is the place to be for inspiration. Pinterest, your time is up. Sorry.

TikTokker Geneva Vanderzeil took the platform by storm recently when she revealed what she does for her Christmas tree — and it's actually pretty damn clever.

Meet Geneva!

She's a style, home, and life maker from Brisbane, Australia. Her home is full of warm olives, oranges, and wood, so it makes sense that she'd try and stick to something more rustic for her tree!

She posted a TikTok making herself a "Christmas branch tree."

Apparently, she does it every single year! She popped outside to grab some branches from her yard, then got to work creating her festive masterpiece. This is gonna be good.

Here's what she used:

(And what you'll need). Obviously, pick up some branches. You'll also need lights (battery powered or plug-in is fine), rope for hanging it, and some decorations!

It's simply a matter of working from the top down after that.

Anchor the whole thing on a hook, then get to wrapping the ends of your branches in your rope! Make as many tiers as you want, but make sure your branches are pretty wide — you need that space for your decorations!

Next up, bring the lights in.

It's easiest to wrap them along the branches, rather than trying to get them to zig-zag in the empty spaces. You may need a few strings to do your whole tree!

Add decorations to finish it off!

Since this tree is quite literally on a wall, it's best to opt for decorations that are small and relatively flat, or ones that hang well and don't touch the wall a lot.

All done!

Commenters LOVED her idea. Many pet owners said this was the ideal solution for stopping cats from climbing the tree, which I have to agree with. Mine has climbed our tree three times already, and the tree has been up two days.

Other commenters loved how versatile the tree is.

This is so true for people who live in small apartments, dorm rooms, or homes. If you don't have room for a tree, simply put one on your wall, instead!

What kind of tree will you be going for this year?

And if you try Geneva's tree, make sure to tag her Instagram (@genevavanderzeil) to show her your branch tree creations!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pull the cat out of my tree again.

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