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Hot Cocoa Bombs Melt To Reveal Baby Yoda Marshmallow And Squealing We Are

Oh my cuteness. Baby Yoda, have you heard of him? He's on this little known Disney+ show called The Mandalorian. Maybe you've seen it? Well, if you have, then you know he's been melting our hearts since he first appeared on the screen. And now he's also melting some hot cocoa bombs that might just be too cute to eat.

Hot cocoa bombs are about as popular as The Child himself these days, and the Star Wars Mandalorian The Child milk chocolate bombs are doing one better by melting to reveal a Baby Yoda-shaped marshmallow inside.

We can't wait to have the best cup of cocoa as we nerd out over our favorite space alien baby.

Baby Yoda doesn't just drink hot choccy, he is hot choccy.


These little ones even come in adorable boxes with the official Disney+ logo.

It's a relief to know that we don't have to travel to outer space to enjoy the utter sweetness of Baby Yoda.

These hollow chocolate balls can be thrown in with your choice of hot milk or water, and will dissolve to create hot cocoa, and then, a lil' Baby Yoda will be born.

We are are over the moon for these hot cocoa bombs.


These tasty 2.12-ounce milk chocolate balls were created by a brand called Galerie and made in Belgium. (You know, the land where chocolate dreams come true.)

These little treats are perfect for the cold months when it's time to get snuggled up, and stay nice and warm as you watch The Mandalorian.

As usual, everyone wants all the baby Yoda things.

These are also perfect gifts for your Star Wars fan friends or those that just want an extra cute cup of hot chocolate.

They're so fun to watch, some of your loved ones may forget to drink them. The kids will be so excited to see Baby Yoda magically appear. We know that we have a wealth of people that can expect to receive some chocolatey Baby Yoda goodness in their lives for the holidays.

The chocolate space crib is possibly the most adorable touch.

There's not much we can say, except for that we are about to happily drop more money for as much Baby Yoda in our lives as possible.

The chocolate spheres cradle the marshmallow Baby Yoda and the resulting chocolatey hot cocoa goodness has us sold, and we suspect, we aren't the only ones.

These Baby Yoda hot chocolate bombs are available at Kroger, on Galerie's website for around $4, or on Amazon, but be warned, supplies are low on Amazon and prices are high. One order can cost about $30, which is pricey!

Let us know what you think about these lil' Baby Yoda hot choccy bombs and if you're melting over them as much as we are.

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