Grandparents Opt To Send Cardboard Cutouts In Their Place For Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but this year, hard choices will have to be made by many families — should they spend it together or not?

Some people will be lucky enough to see their family, while others, especially those more vulnerable to COVID-19, will have to stay home and celebrate virtually. But, these awesome grandparents came up with the sweetest and the most fun idea to celebrate with their family right in time for Thanksgiving.

Grandparents look foward to holidays so they can spend precious time with their kids and grandchildren.

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But thanks to COVID, these celebrations now have to be put on hold. That's unfortunate if you ask me, but hold that thought.

Just because you can't spend the holidays with your family in person doesn't mean you can't have some fun.

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That's precisely what grandparents Missy and Barry Buchanan thought, too. So they came up with a genius idea and sent their family cardboard cutouts of themselves.

Say what? OMG, that's genius. Am I right?

I love the idea and the fact that these grandparents thought of that. It just goes to show you that even grandparents can still have a great sense of humor.

Why would you let something like a global pandemic spoil your Thanksgiving spirit?

Not when you're this family. No, sir, ha, ha! This family is having a grand time displaying the cutouts of the grandparents everywhere in their house.

I, for one, think this is a fantastic idea.

Imagine how much fun your kids would have posing for pictures with their grandparents? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure they would rather see them in person, but this is a nice consolation prize.

It's also a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving while keeping everybody safe.

Some of us can't have the whole family around, and this is one safe way to do it. These kids are making the best of the situation here.

I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who appreciates this fun idea.

Folks online have been voicing their opinions about it, and most of the comments have been very positive. Some people are even eager to "steal" the idea for themselves, ha, ha!

I guess this idea could also work in other situations.

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For example, those in the armed forces often have to miss the holidays. Now they have an alternate way to celebrate. It's not the same, of course, but just another option. Plus, it will definitely put some smiles on people's faces.

Missy also shared another genius socially distant Thanksgiving idea on her Facebook page.

"One idea to celebrate 'family' even though you are apart this Thanksgiving is to find your photos of Thanksgivings past. Use them as part of your table centerpiece. Share them online with other family members. Remember, give thanks, stay safe, and keep others safe, too," she wrote.

That's another great idea!

So what do you think of this? Are you game for it?

Do you think your family would get a kick out of a surprise like this? Or do you think this is too silly? I kind of like it.

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