Johnny Depp Fans Call To Boycott Warner Bros. Over Fake 'Animaniacs' Movie Poster

One of the best parts of watching kids' cartoons as an adult is finding the jokes that go over kids' heads, whether they were intended by the creators or not. Sometimes, however, those jokes don't feel appropriate when referencing real life situations, which some fans of actor Johnny Depp believe has happened in an episode of the reboot of Animaniacs.

Johnny Depp has had a busy year so far.

Johnny had been filming the third installment in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, reprising his role as the villainous Gellert Grindelwald, until he announced that he had been asked to resign from the role following the result of a libel lawsuit in the United Kingdom.

Johnny's fans have noticed what they believed was a reference to Johnny's ongoing legal issues in the reboot of *Animaniacs*.

The joke included a fake movie poster depicting Johnny Depp holding a pair of scissors with the movie title "Johnny 2: Telling Lies."

Many fans believed this was calling Johnny a liar in terms of his ongoing legal drama and personal life issues.

Many fans began using a hashtag calling for others to "boycott Warner Brothers."

"Amen brother. Thank you for speaking up. This is sick and JD isn’t even battling WB. He respectfully stepped away," one fan tweeted in response.

However, it seems that the poster's origins were less sinister in nature.

The initial joke about Hollywood making too many sequels begins with a poster showing a baby eating candy titled "Johnny: The Beginning" which seems to be referencing a popular children's song that became a meme, 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa' in which a child is caught eating sugar by his dad. He says he wasn't eating sugar, to which his dad replies, "Telling lies?"

What do you think? Was this a poorly-timed reference, or should the entire joke have been edited out? Let us know in the comments below!