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Video Of A ‘Karen’ Painting On Mask Sparks Outrage For Several Reasons

One woman has been stirring up quite the controversy after she posted a video online of her ingeniously tone-deaf way of avoiding having to wear a mask when out and about.

Yep, the war over wearing masks is still raging.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, there are still hordes of people who are trying to find ever more creative ways to avoid doing the bare minimum to help stop the spread of this disease and avoid killing people's grandparents.

However, few ways have been more daft than this one woman's approach to mask avoidance.

One woman recently took to the internet to share her wonderfully insensitive way to avoid wearing masks when you're out and about.

Her spectacularly dense way around wearing a mask essentially includes painting a mask on her face.

Sporting a consistently and ill-advisedly self-righteous facial expression, the video sees this insufferable "Karen" paint her face with black paint.

Her use of black paint has also been seen as incredibly offensive by a lot of people.

The video also sees her decorate her "mask" with a Raiders sticker.

The video is underscored with audio from the infamous episode of Dr. Phil which spawned the "Catch me outside how about that" meme, one of the most irritating memes of all time in my humble opinion.

The woman ends this embarrassing and offensive display by sipping a beer.

Well, at least she can now have a beer when she's out and about, am I right? Who cares how she is helping spread a terrible illness, so long as she can get drunk in public!

The backlash to this video has been nothing short of spectacular.

This video has received over three million hits on Twitter, and has kicked up a bigger maelstrom of negative responses than I have seen in a while!

The video was initially captioned, "'Karen's' have found a Great NEW Way to threaten public health and combine it with their love of 'Blackface.'"

A lot of people simply started by pointing out how needlessly time-consuming this option is.

One of the first responses that garnered a lot of attention simply read, "Ugh masks are soooo inconvenient. If only I could come up with a way to take an hour to put one on."

A lot of people also expressed how they were still baffled that so many people would be annoyed by a little piece of cloth over their mouths.

For some, the woman was being nothing short of racist.

A lot of people criticized her use of black paint, writing such responses as:

"Spending 20 minutes to put on blackface makeup to own the libz. She can have zitz and COVID. Brilliant!"

Other people were also sick of seeing anti-maskers endanger themselves and everyone else, writing the likes of:

"I've had it. Let them go. Let them die. They want to run around maskless because 'freedumbs,' let them do it. Innocents will be caught up, and for them, I'm truly sorry. But you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved."

And the backlash still continues across the internet.

More and more people are flocking to criticize the actions of this woman, primarily people who have already lost loved ones to this awful illness.

Hopefully, people will start thinking about others and wearing masks when they are out and about like most of us. Let us know your reaction to this woman's actions in the comments below.