People Online Are Roasting A $100 'Hanging Branch' Decoration From Crate And Barrel

Boy, I sure do like Crate and Barrel.

And boy, do I hate their prices.

I mean, come on. Sometimes, you can just tell they're charging the amounts they do just because they can. Take this tree branch issue for example. No one needs to be spending an actual wad of cash on a branch!

You'll see what I mean. Let's get into it.

So, how much would you pay for a pre-lit tree branch?

Unsplash | Andre Gorham II

Some details: the branch is not a real branch, it's plastic. The needles are plastic. Most of it is plastic. The lights are battery operated, and yes they're just those fairy lights that you find on Amazon.

How much would you pay for THIS tree branch?

I bet the answer isn't $100, is it? I'd grab that off a WalMart shelf for maybe $20 — maybe. It's more likely that I'd consider it if I saw it in the clearance section at HomeGoods for $5, though.

Social media quickly turned it into a meme.

The meme went thusly: text your significant other and ask if you can buy the branch, then sit back and wait for the freak-outs to begin. Spoiler alert: it was hilarious.

Some shared the reactions via story.

Paula texted her husband, and he was so mad about it that he brought the conversation offline. THAT'S how you know you've gotten a reaction out of your partner, people.

But some shared screenshots, and that's where the real gold is.

He really thought she meant that she'd get the branch instead of a tree! Oh my god! I mean, can we blame him, though? The damn thing is as expensive as a tree!

This man had the exact right energy.

I don't know who in their right mind would pay $100 for a fake pine branch, let alone a fake pine branch for an office area. No ma'am!

This guy had to "put his foot down" on the issue.

"[...] there ain't much I say no to but that's ridiculous." GOODBYE, THAT IS TOO FUNNY. That's a man who has found his limit, and it's a fake pine branch from Crate and Barrel.

This is exactly the reaction I expected.

"STFU, go cut a branch down outside," would be exactly what I'd say if my partner asked if she could buy this. The absolute clownery of this product, you guys.

Greg here escalated things big time.

Changing the bank account info! Greg has got jokes, you guys! I appreciate the suggestion of the string, he's really thought things through here. But what about the lights, Greg?

Here's what my partner had to say:

I texted her if I could get it, and she said yes!

I asked if she was serious, and you know what, reader? She was not serious, and I am not allowed to buy the stupid, plastic branch.


This guy gets it.

I mean, of all the years, was 2020 really the best time to introduce this decor item? No. No, it was not. Read the room, Crate and Barrel!

Now, let's see what a DIY version would cost us.

I found a whole pack of faux pine branches on Amazon for $14.69, but I bet you could find a single one for less. The string lights I found are $6.99. So, for about $21, you could make your own light-up tree branch.

Or spend $100. The choice is yours!