10+ Truly Cringey CGI Moments We Will Never Forget

If the movie Cats taught us anything, it's that CGI can make or break a film.

In other words, it truly pushes things over the top or turns that movie into a laughing stock (again, Cats is the perfect example of this).

Ready for a good cringe-fest? Here are 10+ truly cringey CGI moments we will never forget.

*Batman and Robin*

The Bane we see in The Dark Knight Rises was a lot different than the one we saw in Batman and Robin.

When he went from a super skinny guy to a super beefed up one, the CGI was baffling. It looked like his muscles were balloons being inflated.

*Justice League*


This one is truly hilarious. Since Henry Cavil was in the middle of shooting Mission: Impossible - Fallout at the time time, he couldn't shave off his facial hair.

This led to this hilarious attempt at Warner Bros. CGIing it out.

*The Nutty Professor*

Nutty is right!

This CGI nightmare took place when the professor's slimming serum was wearing off. As a result, he was skinny in some parts and growing bigger by the second in others.

*The Polar Express*

Everything about this Christmas classic was heartwarming and wonderful. Well, everything except how they made Tom Hanks into an animated character.

There is just something off about the way he looks. Justice for Tom!


The Incredible Hulk wasn't all that, well, incredible.

Since he looked so cartoonish, it was a major letdown to fans who had been waiting to see him in CGI. In the movie prior to this one, he had been portrayed in makeup and prosthetics.

*The Mummy*

There can't be a bad CGI moments list without this true masterpiece.

One look at this picture and it's hard to believe that this isn't a still from a video game. It was actually supposed to be Dwayne Johnson in a scene in a movie.


The fairy godmother in the reimagined 2015 version really needed to undo the "magic" she did when she turned this goose into a carriage man.

He looked way too cartoonish to be taken seriously. Sorry, Mr. Goose!

*Jack Frost*

It's the mouth that does it for me.

While this movie is very old, so it can be forgivable, looking back it just makes us wince a little. But hey, at least the movie is great to watch.

*Star Wars: Return of the Jedi*

Not a lot needs to be said about why the CGI of Jabba the Hut is completely cringey.

He looks just like our drunk uncle at the family reunion after a few too many beers.

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory*

For a remake of the 1971 original film, you would think that the CGI would have vastly improved. But, nope, Willy Wonka's specialty is clearly chocolate, not graphics!

That's what led Violet Beauregarde to look like this, blueberry juice guts and all.

*Breaking Dawn*

Renesmee's character went through a lot of CGI mishaps in the Twilight series.

She started as a creepy mechanical baby doll and then was CGI'd instead. But they clearly didn't fix all the tweaks since she looks very unreal here.

*The Lawnmower Man*

This movie comes from the mind of horror movie genius Stephen King, but you really wouldn't think it by looking at this!

Just look at the graphics! With the incredible visual effects that we get in films today, this is just laughable.

*Freddy Vs. Jason*

While you don't go into a slasher mashup expecting much, you're at least hoping that the graphics will be believable.

This sadly wasn't the case when Freddy Krueger transformed into this creature that smokes a lot.

*Rogue One*

The Star Wars films took on a huge undertaking by using CGI to resurrect the late Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin.

But instead of doing him justice, we ended up with this very unrealistic version with gaunt cheeks.

*A Sound of Thunder*

If you can believe it, this film had a $80 million budget!

It's a great movie, yes, but the graphics take away from this. They just look way too cheap for a movie that had a good graphics budget.

*Jurassic World*

It's a sad day when the graphics in the original Jurassic Park movie are better than the modern rebooted version.

Instead of them looking scary like they did in the original version, they just looked cartoonish.


Could this be why the film was such a flop?

Halle Berry won may have won the Razzie for the Worst Actress, but the true crime here is the producers giving the final okay on this CGI'd cat.

*Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone*

Is there a spell that can undo this CGI disaster? This bathroom troll looks extremely fake, especially when Harry jumped on his shoulders.

Add in the lights flickering and the whole thing just looked super unconvincing.

*Toy Story*

Pixar has been absolutely incredible at crafting graphics in their films. That said, they really missed the mark with the character Molly.

Her hair looks like Justin Timberlake from his NSYNC days and why oh why does it look like she's wearing eyelash extensions?