10+ Tiny Details In Children's Movies We Didn't Catch At First

There are many children's movies out there that don't just appeal to kids. Many of these movies have interesting plots and catchy songs, and people of all ages can enjoy them.

Many fans are also invested in finding the Easter eggs and other small details in these films that take a lot of effort to notice.

Here are 10+ tiny details in children's movies we didn't catch at first.

In *In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*, the witch's crown melts over time.

Through the course of the movie, audiences get a good sense of how powerful the White Witch is based on her crown.

When she is at her full power, her ice crown is large and full, but as her power wanes, it starts to melt and becomes smaller with time.

Rapunzel's baby mobile shows characters in the film.

At the start of Tangled, Rapunzel is looking up from her crib at a mobile, and there are different animal objects hanging from it.

Some of these animals are very similar to the actual characters in the movie, such as Pascal and Maximus.

Rex from *Toy Story* makes an appearance in *Wall-E.*

There are so many Easter eggs to find in Disney movies that it's hard to find them all, but many fans are dedicated to doing just that.

One Easter egg you probably missed is that a figure of Rex can be seen in Wall-E's home behind two bowling pins.

*Into the Spider-Verse* changed these song lyrics.

The film opens with Miles singing along to the song "Sunflower" by Post Malone.

However, the lyrics are changed from "she wanna ride me like a cruise" to "she wanna drive me --" in order to get rid of the innuendo.

This joke from *Scooby-Doo* that implies Shaggy is a stoner.

It's no secret that fans think Shaggy is meant to be a character who is often stoned.

However, the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie seems to further confirm this when Shaggy tells Mary Jane on the plane that, "like that is my favorite name."

The Big Bad Wolf in *Shrek 2* is looking at a naughty magazine.

The Shrek movies have many jokes that are meant to appeal to adults.

One of these is in Shrek 2 when the Big Bad Wolf is lying in bed looking at a magazine called "Pork Illustrated." The picture on the front is of a pig in a bikini.

This clever dialogue in *Hercules.*

In the Disney animated film Hercules, the character Hades says, "Guys, relax. It's only half-time."

It's a clever little line because he says it at the 46-minute mark of the film, which is exactly the halfway point. The movie is 92 minutes long.

The blossoms in *Coraline* are actually popcorn.

This movie was created using stop-motion, and so there were many sets and props that went into this painstaking process.

The crew had to actually hand-paint individual pieces of popcorn to look like blossoms on the trees. You definitely wouldn't guess that looking at the final product.

This document in *Lilo & Stitch* is actually a thank you note.

When Lilo chooses to adopt Stitch, she has to sign a document at the shelter.

While it might just look like a regular adoption document, it's actually a thank you letter to the production staff, crew, and creators of the movie.

SpongeBob has worked at the Krusty Krab for 31 years.

In The Spongebob SquarePants Movie, SpongeBob explains that he has won the employee-of-the-month award 374 times in a row.

This means he's been working for over 31 years — and even longer now as the show continued after the events of the film.

This joke about an affair in *How the Grinch Stole Christmas.*

Near the beginning of the movie, the babies are delivered via stork to their parents.

However, there's a joke in there that was clearly meant for more mature audiences as a random character says to his wife, "he looks just like your boss."

The Flying Carpet from *Aladdin* is in *Princess and the Frog.*

Fans love to find the connections between various animated Disney films and one that some fans found happens at the beginning of The Princess and the Frog.

A woman is standing on a New Orleans balcony and shaking out a rug that looks just like Carpet.

Skulls can briefly be seen in Gaston's eyes when he falls.

At the end of Beauty and the Beast when Gaston falls from the castle to his death, skulls can be seen in his pupils for a couple of frames.

While it's not very noticeable, it's a rather cool but super creepy effect.

This nod to *The Princess Diaries* books.

Not everyone realizes that The Princess Diaries was actually a book series before it was a movie.

In the scene where they are having a fancy dinner, Mia is the only one at the table who is eating a stuffed tomato instead of the meat everyone else is served.

This is a small nod to the books and the fact that Mia is a vegetarian.

Sid from *Ice Age* is in the movie *Robots.*

While Disney films are really well-known for including Easter eggs and tie-ins to other films in the franchise, other studios do this, too.

In the movie Robots, there's a scene that features a robot who looks a lot like the character of Sid from Ice Age.

There's a clever call out to *Ghostbusters* in *Christmas With The Kranks*.

The Kranks are spying on Frohmeyer through the window and Luther says, "So you're saying Frohmeyer has a problem with our skipping Christmas? Who's he gonna call?"

A clear callback to the famous "who ya gonna call?" line from Ghostbusters which also starred Akroyd.

Some of Sid's toys in *Toy Story* are completely inappropriate.

This absolutely shocked me. Apparently, the pair of legs on the fishing pole is supposed to be a euphemism for a "hooker."

Believe me, I didn't want to believe it either.

Is The Bride from *Kill Bill* and Mia from *Pulp Fiction* the same person?

If you listen carefully, Mia describes the plot of Kill Bill perfectly. The blonde leader, the Japanese fox, even herself as The Bride!

If they aren't the same person, at the very least they exist within the same unvierse.

Is Thunderhead from *The Incredibles* gay?

Keep in mind that if Thunderhead was gay, it wouldn't have been considered as socially acceptable for him to be in an openly gay relationship at that time.

Notice how it says "single father" and that he's raising his children with the help of his "Roommate"?

Mr. Potato Head makes an obscene gesture in *Toy Story*.

He flat out calls Slinky a kiss ass! I never put that together as a kid, I guess I was just too innocent and impressionable.

Oh, memories... Where does all the time go?

The name mix-up in *Frozen* and *Zootopia* was on purpose.

The Duke of Weselton in Frozen is addressed as Weaselton, while in Zootopia, Duke Weaselton is incorrectly called Weselton.

As it turns out, both of these characters are voiced by Pixar mainstay, Alan Tudyk.

Anastasia is the only character with a reflection in *Anastasia*.

Take a look as Anastasia dances in the ballroom and you'll see that hers is the only reflection on the floor.

This is because she is dancing with the spirits and memories of those who are no longer there.

Violet's name is symbolic in *The Incredibles*.

When Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl first meet, they aren't wearing the same colored costumes. One is red, and the other is blue.

As any high school art student would be able to tell you, red and blue make magenta, or violet.

Buzz Lightyear's stickers are starting to peel away in *Toy Story 4*.

Just like the rest of us, Buzz is getting old. Not only do you see his visor get more and more scratched up and faded over the years, but his yellow sticker is also beginning to lose its grip.

The actor who played Veruca Salt permanently scarred her knee while filming *Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory*.

It happens when the children and the parents first enter Willy Wonka's factory. If you watch as Veruca begins banging the large candy ball on a rock, you'll see her leg is all cut and bloodied.

The skyline changes over the years in *Up*.

If you look off in the distance, you can see the top of Ellie and Carl's house, as well as the steeple from the church.

It's also morning and the sun is shining, symbolizing that it's the beginning of their marriage.

There are now skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.

Look again, now the church steeple is dwarfed entirely by the sprawling concrete skyline behind it.

If you pay attention, you'll also see that the sun is now setting, both literally and figuratively on Ellie.

A clever nod to Wolverine in *Flushed Away*.

Unless you're a comic book nerd like myself, this clever little Easter egg from Flushed Away may have slipped by you.

That costume that you see Roddy holding is the comic book costume for Marvel's Wolverine. Both characters, Roddy and Logan, were played by Hugh Jackman.

The Genie writes from right to left in *Aladdin*.

Let's not forget that Aladdin takes place somewhere in the Middle East. It's custom in Arabic to write from right to left, as opposed to left to right.

Scar's claws are always exposed to show his menace.

Scar is the only lion in the entire film who always has his front claws exposed. This not only shows his malice but it signifies that Scar is always on the defensive, waiting to attack.

Lime Green color is Disney's ways of signaling who the bad guy is.

Look at Maleficent's dragon fire, and the color of her eyes and staff. The same holds true for the evil queen in Snow White.

Oh, and did you happen to notice what color Scar's eyes are? Lime green.