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Kentucky High School Offers 'Adulting 101' Classes To Teach Basic Life Skills

While the general education system helps prepare children and teens when it comes to math, science, history, and English, many students graduate from high school with absolutely no life skills.

When it comes to financial planning, changing a tire, cooking, and other important skills that you'll need when you're an independent adult, young people often struggle.

Fortunately, there are schools and programs that are aiming to educate students in both academic skills and life skills. When it comes to fostering well rounded adults, one school in Kentucky is making sure they're preparing their students for life and not just work.

Life lessons are never canceled.

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Like many other schools, Fern Creek High School in Kentucky has moved to online learning during COVID-19.

Despite the move to remote education, the school's end of the year events geared toward preparing high school seniors for life after high school are still going.

Thanks to Wilson-Abell, who's been Fern Creek High School’s senior class sponsor for 10 years, the program continues to guide students when it comes to topics that range from doing laundry to cooking meals.

Adulting shouldn't be miserable.

Fern Creek's Adulting 101 classes are determined to break down the basics, and ensure students are feeling confident and supported.

The school didn't want students to miss out during distance learning, so they created a 'How to Adult 101' YouTube channel that is a source of life skill education that can support students for generations to come.

These lessons are the real deal.

Each video covers a specific life skill, and breaks down some of the major components and tips to get students started.

The videos even take mental health into account with lessons on managing anxiety.

They explain what anxiety is and how students can cope and take care of themselves. The combination of practical skills and emotional support are resources that many people grow up without.

They went all out to make sure students were covered.

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In addition to the YouTube channel, teacher, Josh Abell worked with other staff to create their own Adulting 101 website that covers topics like health and wellness, how to afford college, home ownership, cooking, and more.

The community also stepped up for these students to support this program with over 16 businesses like River City Bank, Fern Creek Fire Department, Calvert Tax Service, and more partnering to support this cause.

It's good to know that students are being taught the important lessons they'll need to grow into successful adults. Bravo to Fern Creek High School.

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