Stylist Enhances Clients' Naturally Gray Hair Through Stunning Makeovers

I don't know about you, but I have noticed a lot of gray in my hair lately. It's likely because I haven't colored my hair since last year.

After all, many women start seeing gray hairs at some point in their lives. Now the question is, do you embrace it or not? This talented hairstylist helps women accept their grays with style, and I think it's beautiful to see.

There's no doubt in my mind that Jack Martin is a hairstylist extraordinaire.

But you have to see what he does to women in terms of helping them embrace their gray hair. His transformations are stunning. I wish I could run to see him ASAP.

There's a stigma when it comes to gray hair, especially when you're a woman.

I think that's unfortunate. Gray hair is synonymous with aging, and it shouldn't be that way. There are many beautiful hues of gray that people could embrace.

Jack Martin realized that, and he came up with a great way to help women to transition into letting their gray hair shine through.

Instead of covering the gray locks, Martin developed a technique that allows his clients to gradually ditch the dye.

His Instagram account frequently shows stunning before and after pictures of women's gorgeous gray locks that got the royal treatment.

Many of them had color-treated hair, and now they want to embrace their natural grays. So, he came up with a unique technique.

He starts off by using a color extractor to remove any remaining artificial color.

Most importantly, he makes sure that he can preserve the gray roots. He then bleaches the rest of the hair so he can get it ready for the new color.

The crucial part of his process is to base the new color on the client's hair's natural gray pattern.

For that, he prefers his clients to come in with some root growth so he can thoroughly examine their natural grays.

Martin pretty much customizes the color for each one of his clients.

He is capable of recreating the hair's natural gray pattern. Wow, doesn't that sound amazing to you? It does to me. I wish I could see him so he could fix my hair.

Martin noticed that a lot of his clients have salt-and-pepper color mostly in the front.

The back of their hair is usually darker in color. So his technique is to match that and to add some more darkness when needed.

The entire process may be time-consuming, but in the end, when you see the final style, it's worth it.

Martin's transformations are so popular he's even worked with several celebrity clients like Sharon Osbourne and Jane Fonda.

The recent lockdown due to the coronavirus has even boosted Martin's business.

Many women who haven't been able to visit a salon are rethinking dyeing their gray hair. Instead, they're choosing to embrace their natural locks, and I think that's wonderful to see.

Once the ladies can venture out to a salon again, they're choosing to do something different with their hair.

This time, instead of covering up the gray, they're more open to making it come through. Martin is the right man for the job.

I think the technique Martin developed is absolutely amazing.

I would love to have my hair treated like that. Right now, my hair is a mess, and I wish Martin's salon location were closer so I could get him to fix it for me.

I bet all the ladies who get these transformations done are as shocked to see the final reveal as this lady.

You may want to take a look at her facial expressions here. I think they speak volumes, no? She's going to rock this hairdo.

What do you think of these gray hair transformations?

Is this something you would do to your hair? I've got to admit this talented hairstylist would be the reason I would fully embrace my gray hair. I'm not even kidding you.

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