10+ Ordinary Objects With A Deceptively Clever Design

Isn't it so cool when you find an object that not only looks great but has some unique features as well? I'm such a sucker for that, I've got to admit it.

So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon these awesome items, and I just had to share them with all of you. Let me know which one of these is your favorite.

1. This Roundabout In Switzerland

Oh my goodness, what is that? It looks to me like a roundabout. It is but, it also looks like a record, being played on a turntable or something like that. How neat is that, huh?

2. This Tablet Packaging

Do you sometimes forget whether you took your daily pill or not? It happens to me all the time. This pill packaging would solve that dilemma for me, and I bet for a lot of people, too.

3. This Supermarket Cart

Do you read product labels when you're shopping in the supermarket? I do too, but I often find that the print is too small to read. Say hello to this magnifying glass that's attached to this supermarket cart. Genius!

4. These Bike Locks

Not only do these bike locks serve a greater purpose, but they also look great if you ask me. Don't you think? Whoever came up with this design must've done very well in school, hee, hee.

5. This Sink/Dish Rack Combo

This is such an interesting idea to combine a sink and a dish rack. Don't you think so? I think it would work for those who can spare a lot of space in their kitchen, though.

6. This Vacuum Cleaner Head

Isn't it annoying when you have to vacuum something, and your cleaner's head won't go into the corner? I can't stand that either. Say hello to this LG vacuum cleaner with a head that bends into the shape of the corner. That's so neat.

7. This Freezer Light Indicator

Sometimes you don't realize that one of your appliances isn't working until it's too late. This freezer has a light that indicates that it is indeed working. What a great feature that is, huh? I need it.

8. This Toothbrush Set

What if your toothbrush came with a refillable floss pick? Wouldn't you think that was a cool idea? I agree with that, too. Somebody was clearly on the right track when they came up with this set.

9. This Napkin Holder

This isn't just an ordinary napkin holder. No, sir. This one, in particular, looks just like Mt. Fuji. Isn't that the most fitting object for a napkin holder to be shaped after? That's some clever thinking here.

10. This Elevator Sign

Did you know some elevators in Japan have an umbrella icon that lights up if it's raining outside? Why don't we install them everywhere? That's what I would like to know. It's such a cool feature, no?

11. These Public Benches

I know this looks like an ordinary bench, but I assure you it isn't. Somebody designed it so you can reverse the direction you'll face before taking a seat. You can people-watch or check out the boats on the water instead.

12. This Bottle Of Glue

Is it just me, or do you also often lose the cap from the bottle of glue? So it's great to see that somebody finally thought of this problem and provided a solution for it. There's a little spot to store the cap on this bottle when it's being used!

13. These Beer Glasses

Shouldn't there be a better way to carry four glasses of beer altogether? Well, now there is. What if you could put them together like this? Wow, what a neat idea, huh? They could come in handy if you're a server.

I'm always so thrilled when I see smart design ideas such as these.

It does renew hope that I have for the future of this planet, ha, ha. When we stay on the right track, who knows what else we can accomplish? Are you with me on this?

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