10+ Celebrities We Would Let Babysit Our Children

There are some actors and actresses in Hollywood that just exude trust. We feel like we know them, that their integrity is so unquestionably solid that we'd gladly give them our spare house-key.

But would you trust your favorite A-List celebrity with your most cherished possession — your children? I'm willing to wager the answer is yes. Don't believe me? Then check out these 10+ celebrities we'd let babysit our kids.

Viola Davis.

Let's be honest, sometimes what a kid needs is a swift kick in the hindquarters (metaphorically speaking).

I feel as if Viola Davis would be the type of person who knows when it's time to play and when it's time to reel it in.

Jason Segel.

When I look at Jason Segel I see a big kid. The kind of guy who managed to remain in touch with his inner child all throughout his life.

He's the kind of person that kids gravitate toward. Plus, he slaps the bass.

Gal Gadot.

What human being in their rational right mind wouldn't want their child to be babysat by Wonder Woman?!

Not only could Gal help train them to be warriors, but there's always a chance that Batman stops by.

Paul Rudd.

Show me someone who doesn't love Paul Rudd and I'll show you a liar. His down-to-earth, carefree attitude inspires confidence.

He's precisely the kind of role model you'd want your kids looking up to.

Steve Carrell.

Nobody loves or wants children more than Michael Gary Scott, and I have to believe that part of that passion is inspired by Steve's own true feelings about childrearing.

If not, worst-case-scenario I still would have gotten to meet Steve Carrell. That's a win/win/win situation.

Tom Hanks.

I wouldn't just let Tom Hanks babysit my kids, I'd let him take them to the South of France on vacation.

The culture would be good for them, and if you can't trust Woody from Toy Story — who can you trust?

Melissa McCarthy.

Yes, leaving your offspring with Melissa McCarthy might mean them returning home with a brand new shiny swear-word. But trust me, it's worth the risk.

When your little angels turn into little monsters, Melissa's the one I'd be calling.

J.K. Rowling.

I think it should be painfully obvious why I'd want J.K. Rowling to babysit my kids. It's so that she could read them (and me) the entire Harry Potter book series!

That would be a dream come true for me. Whoops! I meant a dream come true for them.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Do you know how your kids get those annoying songs from their favorite movies stuck in your head? Well, if you had The Rock babysit, it would be a non-factor.

He's the voice of Maui, so I'm sure he'd happily sing along if Moana was on.

Anna Kendrick.

I feel like Anna Kendrick's cup and song routine from Pitch Perfect would be the ultimate way to trick an overly rambunctious kid into quieting down for a few minutes.

You're definitely going to miss Anna as a babysitter when she's gone.

Chris Hemsworth.

There are so many incredible reasons why Chris Hemsworth would make the perfect babysitter.

He could teach your kids to surf, help them get into incredible bodybuilding shape, and even espouse a little Zen wisdom while he's at it.

Reese Witherspoon.

Have you tried Reese's biscuit recipe from her book "Whiskey in a Teacup"? They are to die for. Anyone who can bake like that can watch my kids.

Especially if I'm getting leftovers brought home to me.

Ty Burrell.

I know that actors are not the characters they play. But doesn't some small part of you want to believe that Ty Burrell is on some level, Phil Dunphy?

I know I do, and I'd be willing to roll the dice.

Michelle Obama.

Would I be OK with the former First Lady of the United States watching my little rapscallions? Yes. Yes, I would.

Michelle Obama may just be the most trustworthy woman on this planet. If she can put up with congress she may just stand a chance on the babysitter's battlefield.

Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard.

For this last one, I'm throwing out a two-for-one. Because you know if you're getting Kristin, Dax isn't going to be far behind.

These two are the definition of #relationshipgoals; #parentinggoals; heck — all the goals. Take my kids, please.