Quotes For People Know If It Buttons Up, It's Good Enough

Remember when the whole pandemic thing started and all the stores shut their doors and everyone turned to online shopping to help regain some sense of normalcy, while also simultaneously filling an empty void in their soul left by the inability to actually go shopping anywhere?

Well, I personally never hit that phase of my lockdown because I'm just not the kind of person who finds joy in spending $60 on a pair of jeans. I'm what you would call "cheap".

Even a global pandemic wasn't enough to change my attitude towards shopping, and wearing clothes in general.

You know how everyone has been complaining that they only wear yoga pants or pajama pants every day? Well, I was doing that before it became the social norm.

Dare I say, I even started the trend. You're welcome, world.

See for me, fashion has never really been something I really concern myself with.

Sure, there's the aforementioned issue of me being a cheap sonofagun, but I also just can't be bothered to care about what I'm wearing nowadays. I've reached an age where comfort takes precedence over style.

And above all else, *fit* is really what matters most.

Those jeans I bought five years ago? They may not be "in" anymore, but I can still comfortably do them up so you bet I'm going to be wearing them.

That t-shirt I got at the San Diego Zoo? It may not be the coolest, but it fits over my chest so expect to see me walking around town in it.

Maybe one day I'll care more about what I put on my body. But for now, I'm just going to stick with my tried and true motto: if it buttons up, it's good enough.

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