Terminally Ill 'Halloween' Superfan Dies An Hour After Jamie Lee Curtis Officiates His Wedding

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for being an incredibly empathetic and kind celebrity. This fact has become more clear than ever after the actress revealed she officiated the wedding of a Halloween superfan just moments before he died.

Talking about the emotional experience on The Talk, she let fans know how she made his final wish come true.

There's no denying celebrities, and their work, have helped millions of fans around the world through unimaginable tragedies.

One of these celebrities is Jamie Lee Curtis and her work in the Halloween franchise.

Now, the actress is revealing the emotional experience she shared with terminally ill Halloween superfan, 30-year-old Anthony Woodle.

"He was the greatest *Halloween* fan in the world," Jamie said through tears while discussing the heart-breaking saga on *The Talk.*

Anthony had proposed to his girlfriend Emilee Stickel on Halloween in 2016. The pair had been together eight years after meeting at a Marilyn Manson concert in 2013 and planned on getting married this past Halloween.

"He was the holiday itself, walking around," Emilee said.

Sadly, tragedy struck when Anthony was diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer in 2019, also on Halloween, as reported by Charleston’s Post and Courier.

In an effort to lift his spirits, the movie theater where the aspiring director worked reached out to *Halloween Kills* director David Gordon Green to tell him about Anthony's admiration for the *Halloween* films.

Green was happy to arrange a private screening for Anthony and Emilee, who would be the first fans to see Halloween Kills, which is set to be released in 2021.

"That was the most I’ve seen him smile — during and after the movie," Emilee told Post and Courier.

David Green also connected Anthony with Jamie Lee and explained how the *Halloween* fan's coworkers had arranged the private screening.

"They said that a young man who works there named Anthony Woodle, very young and beautiful guy, was diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have long to live," she explained, revealing the two spoke on the phone.

During the call, Jamie offered to officiate Anthony and Emilee's wedding.

"And it turned out that I also offered to marry him because I am an officiant. And it turned out that his wedding wasn’t gonna be able to happen because he was so near death," she told the ladies of The Talk, according to People.

On September 13, the Hollywood actress officiated the wedding over Zoom at 10:30 PM.

"Anthony and Emilee, all anyone is promised is this moment,” she said during the ceremony.

"We live and we love in this moment. May the blessings of God rest upon you, may his peace abide with you, may her spirit illuminate your heart now, in this moment. With the power vested in me by the internet, it is my great pleasure to tell you that you are now married people."

Sadly, Anthony passed away at 11:17 PM that same evening.

The day after the wedding ceremony, Emilee called the actress to give her the heartbreaking news.

Since then, the two women have remained in touch, as reported by Post and Courier.

"He was the greatest Halloween fan in the world, and I know a lot of them," Jamie continued on *The Talk.*

"It turned out to be something obviously incredibly moving and also very life-affirming," she concluded.

This past Halloween, the actress posted an emotional Instagram tribute to Anthony.

"Anthony Woodle, rest in the knowledge that you came from love, were surrounded by love and found true love in Emilee. Anthony, I am honored to have been your friend and that you and Emilee were the ONLY people who have seen #halloweenkills thanks to #davidgordongreen @antneyw," she wrote.

The actress concluded her post with a poem dedicated to Emilee in honor of her late husband.

What an incredibly emotional story of support and love in the most difficult of times.

Our thoughts are with Anthony's friends and family during this difficult time.

h/t: The Post and Courier.