Kaley Cuoco's Husband Has A Collection Of Photos Of Her Sleeping: 'He's Creepy And Weird'

We love when celebrities couples behave like real couples do, whether it's embarrassing each other on social media, using sarcasm as a love language, or anything else that proves they really are just like us.

Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook are a perfect example of that.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook have been married since 2018.

While the Big Bang Theory star and her husband seem like they have a lot of fun, they're not afraid to show the more unconventional parts of their marriage, including the fact that they didn't live together for the first year and a half of their marriage!

That's not the only unconventional aspect to their relationship, though.

While on *The Kelly Clarkson Show*, it was revealed that Karl has a very interesting hobby: taking embarrassing pictures of his wife sleeping!

"Here are a few of his finer 'Kaley sleeping' moments," Kelly said on the show as she showed a montage of various pictures and videos of Kaley asleep.

“He’s creepy and weird,” Kaley joked in response. "He will find me in the most ridiculous positions, and that's his favorite thing, to get me in the most unflattering..."

“My husband’s Instagram is devoted to horses, gardening and trolling me."

"Those are his three favorite things," Kaley joked.

"And you're totally fine with it!" Kelly responded. "Which is why I actually love you more, because this is amazing, and this means that you're a fun person!"

We couldn't agree more!