Quotes About Mothers-In-Law That Feel Like They Were Written About Our Own

My first experience with mothers-in-law came in the form of TV characters. Well, it was really more like one character in particular — the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond.

I remember watching that show with my parents and listening to my own mom wheeze with laughter whenever poor Debra had to deal with her manipulative and wildly over-nurturing MIL, Marie, meddling in her business.

At the time, I thought my mom just enjoyed the show. But then I got older and realized that my mom has lived the show.

In fact, she's still living it.

Don't get me wrong, I love my grandma, but even I can admit that growing up she was most certainly the Marie to my mom's Debra.

Which is probably why my mom would almost scream with laughter whenever she watched their onscreen counterparts butt heads over the unbelievably oblivious Raymond.

Of course, I don't know everything that went on between them when I was younger because I was just a kid and didn't really understand.


But I definitely saw some things that give me such admiration for my mom for being able to put up with that crap.

Like, for instance, when she would invite my grandparents over for dinner and my grandma would inevitably wander into the kitchen, ready to offer plenty of unwarranted tips and tricks to help my mom make her cooking "better".

Or when my grandma would straight-up baby my adult father in front of my mom.

Offering to cook him a second lunch because the one my mom made him probably didn't fill him up; suggesting he bring his laundry over to her place because my mom didn't iron his shirt right; making him his favorite dessert every time he visits because she knows no one makes it quite like she does, not even my mom.

Like I said, I have nothing but love for my grandma...but maybe that's because she's my *grandma*, not my MIL.


Now that I'm adult, I really hope I don't end up with my very own Marie.

But if that's case, then I guess we'll just have to see if I can stand my own ground and insist I actually know what's best for my husband, just like Debra and my mother managed to do.