10+ DIY Gift Ideas That Prove Christmas Doesn't Have To Come From A Store

If you're crafty like I am, then you definitely see the appeal in making gifts, rather than buying them. There's just something so satisfying in seeing something you created bring someone else joy!

These crafts will definitely get your creative brain going. From DIY ornaments to bath bombs, these projects will surely delight your friends and family!

DIY Ornaments!

You'll need some blank ornaments, some hairspray, some paint, and some glitter.

Coat the inside of the ornament with hairspray, then let it drain. Dump glitter in and turn the ornament!

Time for some bath bombs!

I mean, who wouldn't want a handmade bath bomb? You're going to need quite a few supplies for this, but luckily some very creative Etsy shops sell kits with everything you need inside them! Check out the above one here from FizzyFuntastics.

Let Diply teach you how to make your own soap!

This step-by-step guide to making your own tie-dye soap is brought to you by Diply Crafty, aka my favorite Instagram account. Handmade soap would be such a cute gift to give, or a great party favor!

Get those pipe cleaners out.

Listen, this is a classic for a reason. Pick up some pipe cleaners and your gift recipient's favorite alcohol, then turn it into a little Rudolph! Don't forget that nose!

Create a sweet hanging planter!

I mean, how cute is this? Drew at LoneFox Home put together a how-to guide to create this adorable planter that looks like a little fox! Check out how to make your own here.

Hop on over to Michael's for one of these acrylic ornaments.

They're the perfect canvas for decorating! I'd recommend using paint pens to give you some precision with the lettering. Pop a bow or ribbon through the top and gift away!

Get into UV resin!

Resin is a difficult medium to play with, especially since you need a lot of safety equipment. Not so with UV resin! You'll need gloves, a mask, a well-ventilated room, and a UV or nail light.

Follow Diply Crafty's directions here.

Customize some kicks.

You'll need special paint and a lot of patience for this one, but I think the challenge would be really, really fun. If you find you love it, you could even start up your own business!

Hop on the album trend!

There's a lot of different ways for you to try this trend out. One of the easiest is just to print your picture out and adhere it to a canvas or acrylic, then paint on the details!

Make a mug planter!

How cute is this angel? Here's the best part: it was made entirely from things from the dollar store! From the mug, to the paint, to the succulents, you can make this on a major budget.

Check out the process here.

Put together an experience!

If you want to share a moment with someone as a gift, put together a little basket full of treats! This movie basket has all the movie essentials, including drinks!

Get the clay out!

Clay is a great way to make home decor, especially if you're a little unsure of your skills. It's super forgiving, and paint covers a multitude of sins!

Check out Diply's tutorial on how to make a clay dish here.

Customize a tiny jar of affirmations!

This is a really sweet idea for someone you adore. Fill a bottle with tiny, rolled up pieces of paper with kind things written on them. Then decorate the bottle!

What about a candle?

Candle making isn't as hard as it seems! It's inexpensive, and really rewarding. Pick up some wax, a wick, and find a jar you like. Then follow this tutorial to make your own, handmade candle!