10+ Facts About Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Relationship Fans Didn't Know

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the epitome of Hollywood sweethearts.

They have been together for 37 years, making them one of Hollywood's longest-lasting couples. And, even more impressive, they did this without the commitment of marriage.

Suffice to say, we could learn a lot from them. Here are 10+ facts about their relationship that fans didn't know.

1. Goldie wasn't into Kurt when they first met.

They met for the first time on the 1968 Disney musical, The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band.

She didn't feel sparks because of Kurt's age. “He was way too young for me," she told CBS Good Morning.

"I was, like, dating older guys, right? I was what, 20?” she continued. Meanwhile, Kurt was 15 and didn't stand a chance.

When they reconnected in the 1980s on the set of Swing Shift, they had both matured a lot.

2. Kurt stole Goldie's heart with a cheesy pick-up line.

This came from the actor being hungover when he reconnected with Goldie in 1983.

"I just didn't have in my mind what I was going to see, and she had a great body," he told Conan O'Brien in 2017.

"So the first thing that came out was, 'Man, you've got a great figure.' It came out quickly and it could've gone wrong."

Thankfully Goldie is, well, Goldie: adorable and fun. As such, she said, 'Why thank you.'"

3. Their first date involved the cops.

Yes, really.

Since Goldie didn't have a key to the empty house she had purchased, they were forced to break in.

“We were in the imaginary bedroom when the police walked in," Russell told People.

4. Kurt stepped in to raise Goldie's two children when their dad was absent.

Since Goldie split from Kate's father, Bill Hudson, in 1982, he wasn't really a part of the actress's childhood.

In 2015, Bill even slammed his children to the Daily Mail, saying, "I say to them now, 'I set you free.'"

"I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own...[Oliver] is dead to me now. As is Kate," he continued.

After Goldie and Kurt got together in 1983, he soon became "Pa." The actress often shares how much she loves Kurt.

It's super sweet, and honestly, makes us emotional.

5. They're not married.

This might be the biggest surprise on this list. The couple has managed to stay together since 1983 without any formal commitment to one another.

Hawn previously explained to the hosts of Loose Women that she'd be divorced now had they married.

"Marriage is an interesting psychological thing. If you need to feel bound to someone, then it's important to be married," she said.

She went on to say that not being married has psychologically left them both feeling freer.

"For me, I chose to stay. Kurt chose to stay, and we like the choice."

6. They're always making each other laugh.

One look at Goldie and there is just an energy about her. Russell spoke about this to Parade magazine:

“Goldie can literally physically walk away sometimes and make me laugh,” Russell shared. “She’s funny by nature. She just…is.”

7. They keep each other healthy.

Kurt once said, "I'm quite sure that if it weren't for Goldie, I'd probably weigh 300 pounds by now."

Thank goodness for her! Together, the pair use Goldie's mini trampoline and exercise bike for staying fit.

8. They've shared the screen several times.

Since their first meeting in 1968, they appeared in Swing Shift together. They were dating by the time they starred in the cult comedy, Overboard.

One of the most recent movies together is the Netflix holiday film, The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Watching *Overboard* together helped Goldie remember why they fell in love.

The pair watched the movie together decades later.

"I remembered everything, and why I fell in love,” she said on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“It was really something to be able to watch that."

9. They have one biological son together.

They're a blended family. Hawn had Oliver and Kate Hudson, from her second marriage to Bill Hudson, while Russell had his son from his previous marriage to Season Hubley.

The couple had their son, Wyatt Russell, in 1986.

10. They have six grandkids.

Based on this picture, you can totally tell that they are the doting kind of grandparents!

Their latest grandbaby is Kate's daughter, Rani Rose, who she welcomed with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

11. After all these years, Kurt still makes Goldie feel beautiful.


Hawn recalled an adorable story to People of when they went to dinner and he was in awe of her beauty.

"He said, 'I cannot believe how [beautiful] you look.' He really appreciates that."

12. They received a dual star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.

This was a legendary moment for the two. And a romantic one, as they kept kissing during the ceremony.

"It turned out to be a lovefest," Hawn told People.

13. They have the secret to a lasting relationship.

According to Goldie, the secret is knowing when to depend on somebody and when not to.

"It's important that you are able to hold up your side of the house," she told Women's Day. "I believe that one person can't bear the whole burden because then their shoulders start getting heavy."

Goldie also emphasized the importance of sexuality in a relationship. How? Well, her other secret is to "stay as sexy as you can."

Ladies, take note! Judging by how amazing Goldie looks for her age, she lives what she preaches.