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Let This Cute Crochet Red-Nosed Reindeer Guide You Through The Holidays

When you're thinking of dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, you could probably use the help of a red-nosed reindeer to guide you safely, right? Well, we can't think of anything quite as adorable as this little crochet reindeer for the job.

This little guy is teeny tiny, but we're sure that his powers of cute will get you through any holiday challenge.

Are you ready to put him to the test?

These crochet creations have style.

This tiny reindeer is created in a style called Amigurumi which is a Japanese style of crocheting and knitting — "ami" means crocheted and "kurumi" means wrapping.

While amigurumi doesn't have restrictions or guidelines when it comes to size, some people just can't resist making super small cuties that tickle our cute bone.

Tis the season to celebrate your lil' reindeer.

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There are so many ways to enjoy your reindeer creations. Whether you hang them on the tree or just plop them on a decorative surface of your home surrounded by Christmas decor, there's no going wrong with these wee ones.

Don't be afraid to try to make your own.

There are many Amigurumi patterns available for crocheters who feel compelled to make their own adorable little creations.

We're kind of tempted to make a Christmas-themed collection with reindeer, snow men, and maybe even a teeny tiny Santa Claus.

We're feeling pretty hyped.

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Doesn't this little guy just make you want to shout out with glee? I'm ready to have him guide me through anything.

You can get this Amigurumi reindeer on Etsy through The Little Hapiness for around $27.

They're handmade with love and cuteness in every stitch.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these petite pals and if you place to get one or a few.