14 Pics That Demand Answers

Some things in life we simply cannot explain. Why can't pizza be a superfood? What's wrong with wearing my PJs in public? Why do low rise jeans exist?

If these existential crises stress you out, I suggest you look away now boo boos, cause these 14 pics are ACTUALLY begging for answers.

1. Is this the sign of the end days? Cause honestly if so, guys, I'm ready to go into the light.

Reddit | allentertainment2

I think it's truly wild that our PLANET, which often feels like hot garbage, can FREEZE in such a way.

2. Speaking of garbage, this junk trunk just LITERALLY lost its ass, lol.

Reddit | Captain___Cheesburg

For a dump truck to shed its dumper... it honestly kinda feels like a butterfly finally being able to spread its wings — and isn't that just, no offense, beautiful?!

3. Am I a good driver? Absolutely not. But even I know this is pretty messed up, lol.

Reddit | 1stumbler

I feel like life gives us signs. Spiritual signs but also signs that say "HEY EXCUSE ME, THIS IS NOT A PARKING SPOT."

4. Ummm??? So I'm not sleeping tonight now, thanks.

Reddit | Psychotropic_Beauty

I love art — honestly like WHY NOT right? But these painted children look like ghosts from a horror movie that are trying to suck my PRECIOUS soul out of my literal body.

5. This urinal that leaks into a Mountain Dew bottle is prolly one of the darkest things I've ever seen.

Reddit | Reddit

Public washrooms already give me the gags but this is like BEYOND lol.

6. Whaaaaat does this thought process look like? Cause honestly, I'd love to know. 

Reddit | meranu3

I love knick knacks and decorations just as much as the next basic but this is literally terrifying.

7. UMM?? Excuse me pilot — something is MISSING from this vessel that is flying in the sky!!

Reddit | Titan-Sniper

This would be the most horrific sight — like isn't this everyone's nightmare?

I'm just trying to get to Cancun for some spring break WTFFFFFFF.

Like just deadass imagine looking out the window to get a cool skyline Insta pic and suddenly seeing PLANE INNARDS.

My vibe would go from livin la vida loca to livin la vida emergency exit REAL QUICK.

8. OMG is this a hot new club no one told me about?? 

Reddit | Reddit

No? It's an elementary school gym floor after a flood?

Oh, okay awkward, lol. Don't mind me you guys.

9. WOW an actual visual representation of my feelings towards parallel parking. 

Reddit | underdog250

This woman has clearly given up and honestly same, cause idk why we live in a world that demands so much from us!!

And let's be real: whatever Kylie Jenner just posted on Insta is way more important than a good parking job, tbh.

So I respect her choice to forgo the steering wheel for her iPhone cause SAME, BBG.

10. OMG wow, spiders are disgusting, but look — they made something beautiful and FRENCH. I am SHOOK!

Reddit | iambarryegan

Like, I can't even draw a half-decent stick figure, so HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!

11. Why anyone would pick a giant crayon as a centrepiece for their grad photos we may never know.

Reddit | lolokelliher

The '90s were a weird time for us all. It's okay boo. I forgive.

12. GUYS, I am not okay with this visual!

Reddit | madawara

I get it, water is not a photography-friendly element — but jeez, I don't need to question the EARTH and EXISTENCE and SCIENCE and GRAVITY just to look at a pic!

13. I am SCREAMING RN!!! The person who did this is either totally oblivious or the most ironically HILARIOUS person and I must befriend them!!!

Reddit | tenken

I always dance like no one is watching tho, so you don't gotta tell ME.

14. Where is Gordon Ramsey when you need him. Also bleach.

Reddit | theblackgate19


Guess it's just me and my Hungryman microwave meals til death do us part, xo.

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