'Schitt's Creek' Fans Keep Forgetting That Moira Rose Was In 'Home Alone'

When it comes to iconic actresses, few are as talented, and versatile, as queen Catherine O'Hara.

Who else has the range to play a modest, forgetful, suburban mom and a former soap opera actress who lost all her money and was forced to live in a small town's motel?

No one has that range except Catherine O'Hara.

It'a Christmas time, everyone! FA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

This means a non-stop stream of Christmas movies playing all the time, including the iconic Home Alone films!

While everyone always focuses on Kevin McCallister, I'm here to remind you all that Catherine O'Hara played Kate McCallister!

Yep, that's right! Moira Rose and Mrs. McCallister are the SAME PERSON!

For some reason, everyone seems to be forgetting this!

Twitter is blowing up with the realization as it does every year.

I mean, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? It's truly crazy to think people could ever forget this legend!

Look, it's becoming a new Christmas tradition!

I will say, as a massive Schitt's Creek fan, I love watching Home Alone so much more now!

I'm so sorry people keep doing this to you, Ms. Catherine. Your work has brought millions of smiles and I will CHERISH YOU ALWAYS!

You have BEEN a legend! You have BEEN an icon!

Did you know that Ms. O'Hara was Kate McCallister, or did you forget, too? Let us know in the comments below!

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