Quotes For When You're Looking For New Ways To Keep The Spark Alive

Long-term relationships, be they marriages, platonic life partners, or BFFs ebb and flow. That's their nature because it's our nature as human beings.

We don't stay in once place. We evolve and grow, both together and apart, and our individual evolutions can sometimes conflict with our relationship with each other.

Sometimes, that's just the end.

You become too different, too at odds with each other's interests, personality, or beliefs to function as a pair anymore.

Other times, you may drift away, only to be pulled back into each other's orbit by that indefinable gravity of love.

But you can't rely on that gravity. You need to put in some work yourself and together.

If one person evolves, but the other refuses to change, the spark can be smothered by conflict and indecision.

If everything stays stagnant, then the spark can fizzle out.

A sputtering flame could be a sign that the relationship isn't a good fit, but it could also just be the wrong kindling.

If you've run out of one kind of fuel, then start looking for another. Don't be complacent, either.

Mix and match the fuel to keep things interesting, have fun, play pranks, argue, kiss, give each other space, and just don't forget that people are messy and unpredictable.

They're more interesting that way.

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