Unicorn Christmas Trees Are The Latest Magical Holiday Trend

If you've been wondering why anyone would want a typical Christmas tree when they can have a magical one instead, you're not alone.

Many of us have been dreaming of more ways to embrace our unicorn obsessions, and these Christmas trees seem like the perfect way to do it.

Combining the festivity of Christmas and the cuteness of unicorn fashion, these trees seem almost too good to be real.

It's time for Christmas to be fantastical.

There are several sizes of white or pink Christmas trees that can be decorated with a cute combination of lights, unicorn ornaments, and even a classic unicorn horn to top the tree.

Feel free to get carried away.

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to your unicorn tree, look no further.

If you go on Instagram and type in #Unicorntree, you'll be in for a ton of inspiration that will get you ready to head to the store and buy all of the cute things immediately.

From cotton candy ornaments to bright white, pink, and purple lights, there are too many adorable touches that can be added to these trees.

Don't be shy when it comes to showing your unicorn tree off.

The only thing that may be more fun than putting your tree together is showing the world how awesome it is.

These unique trees are a great way to get conversations started and even connect with fellow unicorn lovers for a truly special season.

If you feel inclined, keep these cuties out all year long.

We truly believe in the magic of these trees and are ready to bring them home to brighten up the entire season.

Pink and white trees along with unicorn decor are available all over. From Amazon to Wayfair, there are so many options for the best unicorn trees to make your spirits bright.

Let us know what you think of these trees in the comments and if you decide to make your own.