Care Home Hosts 'Booze N' Tattoo' Night For Residents

Hey, so I'm in my 30s, but can I please join this care home?

Rose Haven Nursing Home in Marengo, Iowa isn't like your average nursing home. They recently hosted a "Booze and Tattoo" night, where residents could get tattoos and have a drink. Let's see what they got!

Like many nursing homes, Rose Haven has deep concerns about COVID-19.

They've had to severely limit visitors, outside contact, and activities around the home. Not wanting the residents there to get lonely, activity director Kensey Gehring got to work.

The home began hosting cute, social-distanced activities for the residents.

They've been having themed days, a homecoming, and even had pumpkin carving during Halloween! The residents there have embraced the activities happily, but the best was yet to come.

Enter: Booze and Tattoo Night.

Don't worry, they weren't real tattoos! Kensey and the home's director, Jalissa Winn, put together a temporary tattoo and booze night, then asked the residents if they'd like their own tattoos.

A ton of them were totally up for it!

Drinks in hand, the residents sat down for some chit chat and some very cute temporary tattoos. They could choose any tattoo they wanted, from butterflies and roses, to skulls and guns.

The night was a huge success on social media.

The home posted pictures to their Facebook page, where it quickly took off. To date, the Booze and Tattoo Night post has over 100,000 shares!

It even got the attention of the local news.

ABC KCRG zoomed in to interview the directors and residents about their new tattoos. Wayne here got two guns on his biceps. Welcome to the gun show, indeed.

Resident Karen Von-Linien especially loved the night.

"I made up my mind: I’m gonna have fun for whatever time I have left," she told KCRG.

She got two roses, one on her chest and one on her hand. I love you, Karen.

People absolutely LOVED the idea.

Residents were invited to drink a beer, or an array of non-alcoholic beverages if their diets and medications didn't allow for alcohol. Either way, they had a good time!

It's safe to say the night was a hit.

Small acts of kindness like this really make a big difference in the world we live in right now. I can't wait to see what Rose Haven comes up with next!

h/t KCRG ABC News

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