Mom Praises Best Buy Employees Who Went Above And Beyond For Her Autistic Son

Sometimes, a simple gesture of kindness is all it takes to make someone's day. That's exactly what a team of Best Buy employees decided to do when one little boy's mother contacted the store inquiring about getting a Best Buy uniform for her son. Not only did they secure a uniform for him, the team went above and beyond to make this boy's dream come true.

Meet Parker.

He's an absolute cutie-patootie from Fort Wayne, Indiana. His biggest wish in the world is to one day work at Best Buy. I love his taste — who wouldn't want to be surrounded by cool technology all the time?

His mom explained why Parker loves Best Buy so much.

"Parker has autism and has always been a huge fan of anything that involves electronics. He loves TVs, DVDs, computers, and everything about the store," his mom, Erika, wrote in a Facebook post.

Parker had a pretty cute Halloween costume idea this year.

He wanted to be a Best Buy employee! His mom was on it immediately.

"I emailed Best Buy asking to buy a shirt for Halloween a couple months back, and they emailed me back saying they would love to make a night of it!"

Best Buy then went above and beyond to make Parker's dreams come true.

"When we arrived, they gave Parker his own personal shirt and name tag, and let him pick out whatever he wanted 😳."

Imagine being told you can have anything you want in a Best Buy!

Of course, he had to get the whole experience.

"He then had to scan everything because he was the worker."

Thankfully, Nicholas took the proper safety measures and stayed behind his acrylic divider while he checked out. What a good and safe little worker!

His mom was over the moon.

"Christmas came early for this little boy, and we are forever grateful for the memories made tonight."

Not only did Parker get an amazing Halloween, he got tons of presents for Christmas!

Erika made sure to shoutout the amazing Best Buy employees, too.

"The amazing Best Buy employees who helped that night were Israel Molinar, Jennifer Bau, and Tristan Wilkinson. They deserve all the credit for his special night."

Retail workers are the absolute best.

People loved the amazing gesture.

Living in the middle of a pandemic is no picnic, so small gestures like this really go a long way. It restores our faith in each other and our humanity!

And everyone loved the employees for their kindness.

Seriously, shoutout to the employees at Fort Wayne's Best Buy for making a kid's dreams come true during a truly crazy year.

What would you go for if you had an unlimited budget at Best Buy?

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