Enroll In Your Favorite Magic Class With New 'Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments' Lego Sets

Alright, Lego enthusiasts, get your Gringotts account ready: a new collection of Harry Potter Lego sets is coming soon, and they are awesome.

Themed after the four Hogwarts houses, these new sets feature three collectible characters each, and four iconic settings from around the castle! Let's dive into the Pensieve and check 'em out.

Step inside iconic moments in "Harry Potter" with these sets.

Choose your house and get ready to go to class with your Head of House! Each book comes with an entire Hogwarts classroom, professor, and characters from iconic scenes from the books and films.

If you're a Ravenclaw...

Come attend a Charms lesson with Ravenclaw's Head of House, Professor Flitwick! Try and master your favorite spells, from Alohomora to Wingardium Leviosa, in a fully detailed classroom modeled on the films!

The Ravenclaw set comes with three characters.

Cast a levitating charm (and try to impress Cho Chang) with Harry while Professor Flitwick supervises! May you exceed expectations on your O.W.L.s with those lessons.

You can pre-order this set here for $29.99.

If you're a Gryffindor...

You better be on time for Transfiguration, where you'll learn how to turn things into other things with your Head of House, Professor McGonagall! Do be mindful of the mice, will you?

The Gryffindor set comes with three iconic characters.

Professor McGonagall will supervise as you and Ron struggle to turn a mouse into a goblet. Don't worry — if you're having trouble, Hermione is always there to help!

You can pre-order this set here for $29.99.

If you're a Hufflepuff...

You'll be attending Herbology, where your Head of House, Professor Sprout, will do her best to teach you about some magical plant! Bring gloves. And ear muffs.

The Hufflepuff set comes with some familiar faces.

Things are sure to be interesting when Professor Sprout attempts to teach Neville Longbottom and Cedric Diggory Herbology! Watch out for those Mandrakes, boys.

You can pre-order this set here for $29.99.

And if you're a Slytherin...

You'll naturally be headed down to the dungeons for Potions class with Professor Snape! Dodge the flames brewing and Snape's glare as you try to brew up something special in your cauldron.

The Slytherin set comes with some of your favorite characters.

Or your not-so-favorite! Blow things up with Seamus Finnegan, or try to get some House points with Draco Malfoy! Good luck getting Snape to crack a smile.

You can pre-order this set here for $29.99.