Mailman Can't Resist Snapping A Selfie With Every Adorable Animal He Meets

Traditionally, you wouldn't really think a mailman and a dog go together very well. After all, basically every Saturday morning cartoon we watched as kids taught us that these two things do not mix.

But one mailman has gained quite the online following by proving once and for all that people in his line of work can (and certainly do) get along with dogs. In fact, they can get along with a whole host of animals, well enough to even snap a sweet selfie with them.

Meet Cristiano da Silva Antunes, a postman from Sao Paulo, Brazil who's made it his mission to take a photo with every animal he meets on his daily route.

It all began with this snap, a photo of a smiling Cristiano posing with a furry feline.

Shared to his Instagram page Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais, ("Animal-Friendly Postman") back in 2018, the translated caption was simple: "The Postman and the Cat."

Since that original selfie, Cristiano has gone on to share over 800 more, each one featuring a new and equally adorable animal he's met along his route.

As of writing, the "Animal-Friendly Postman" has amassed an impressive following of more than 100,000 fans who shower his posts with thousands of likes and comments.

Which isn't surprising. After all, these are some pretty freaking cute pictures.

Perhaps what grabs most people's attention is just how happy Cristiano *and* the animals look in these heartwarming snaps.

In fact, he's frequently pictured getting some generous kisses from his four-legged, photographic pals, effectively squashing that silly old stereotype about dogs and mailmen.

Just look at those pictures and tell me you still think they're mortal enemies. It's impossible.

Oh, and it's not just dogs or cats who grace Cristiano's Instagram page, either.

This animal-lover isn't particular to just the furry, four-legged animal variety. He's also snapped selfies with some rabbits, and as you can see above, he stopped to get cheesy with what appears to be a lizard.

But Cristiano does more than just snap pictures with these animals.

In fact, he actually rescues those in need if he happens to come across such an animal on his route.

According to Distractify, Cristiano will bring sick and/or injured animals off the streets to the vet to help them get the treatment they need. Once they're all better, he actually helps them find foster homes and eventually, their furever home.

So followers of Cristiano's Instagram page not only get to see some adorable animals, they also get to witness some strays get the happy ending they so deserve.

Clearly this is just the kind of animal-loving mailman the world needed to really squash that silly old stereotype once and for all!

If you want to see more of Cristiano's adorable selfies, make sure you check out his official Instagram page. You can also follow him on Facebook.

h/t: Distractify

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