15+ Pics Of Fascinating Views We're Not Used To Seeing

Whether it's looking at something from a different angle or showing off something that's rarely seen, some pics are just too good not to be shared. Your friends at Diply have scoured the internet to bring you this curated list of fascinating views.

I guess this is growing up.

Reddit | Wolfdijon

You know how bald eagles are noteworthy for their snowy white heads? They don't start that way. On the left is a baby, and on the right is a juvenile.

Prints for days.

Reddit | Dalleuh

This is what the FBI's fingerprint files looked like back in 1944. They needed to take over the whole D.C. Armory to store them. Nowadays, that stuff fits on a hard drive.

Perfect timing.

Reddit | I_reddit_badly

You need something a little more fancy than the typical smartphone camera to capture an image like this. Just look at the resolution of the seafoam.

Tiny dragon.

Reddit | NeoViper101

This little guy is a blue dragon mollusk. It might look tiny, but it has a fighting spirit, considering its diet consists entirely of jellyfish.

Finding a way.

Reddit | Mosiotunya

This little mushroom, along with the moss surrounding it, has found a way to eke out an existence in the strangest of places: the top of a highway sign.

Out of this world.

Reddit | Greenthund3r

This nondescript photo of rocks actually shows something pretty special: the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, photographed by a Japanese spacecraft as it hurtled through space.

Wait a second.

Reddit | TruthFlavor

Alright, this shows nothing more than a trailer with both its back and side doors open. Still, something about this pic is doing weird things to my brain.

Like shattered glass.

This pic shows rice fields from above. You can see some houses on the right side. But if you blur your eyes, it all looks a lot like glass.

Conversation nook.

Reddit | boho_chic

Back when phones were more or less appliances that had a defined spot in the house, homes were built to accommodate them. This one has a built-in seat for its telephone nook.


Reddit | SWEIAP

There's something hauntingly beautiful about the aftermath of an ice storm. These flowers have been perfectly encased by ice, but are otherwise undamaged.

Trucking in style.

Reddit | Zander013

We've all seen extended truck cabs that house cozy sleeping compartments in the back. But this extended cab looks like it holds a whole apartment.

Along for the ride.

Reddit | cam1xx

British photographer Martin LeMay captured this incredible pic of a weasel flying on top of a woodpecker. I wonder how these two creatures teamed up in the first place.

A whole scene.

Reddit | deepbluesilence

The blade of this knife just cut some butter, which left behind an intriguing landscape. It llooks like a river flowing through a forest during the winter.

Coming in hot.

Reddit | sheakspeares

Humpback whales don't hunt humans, right? I'm asking because this head-on view of a humpback whale is deeply unsettling to me.

Nonfiction? In the meat section.

Reddit | pooshins

This is one of the more interesting repurposings I've seen. Because the library is being renovated, the books have been stored in an old grocery store.

Island time.

Reddit | na7oul

It might be a bit tough to get to this old, four-century-old Irish castle. But it's still something to behold. It looks like it came right out of a fairytale.

Two seasons, one path.

Reddit | GreyNoct

This is just a trick of the wind, or the weather patterns, or the sun or something (don't ask me, I'm not a meteorologist). Still, the difference between the two sides is pronounced.


Reddit | Weevil_wobble

This person uses a paint shaker to churn butter. Not knowing anything about paint shakers or butter churning, I have no comment on that. Either way, it apparently creates these little butterballs.

Cozy nest.

Reddit | 0luc

These squirrels have built a nest right next to a window. I'm sure the heat from inside warms the nest somewhat, and it gives the occupants an incredible view.

Baby record.

Reddit | KyserSoze94

Before records are pressed, they look like this: essentially a puck of vinyl with the album art in the middle.

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