Quotes For People Who Just Really, Really Miss Sunshine Right Now

Does anyone remember what the sun feels like?

I know we're only like, a few weeks into winter, but ever since the dreaded time change (ugh), I've founded it harder and harder to remember the sweet kiss of sunshine on my face. Now it's just the bitter bitch-slap of cold wind, snow, and ice.

If you're also struggling to adjust to the abrupt onset of the dark, gloomy winter season, I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

Vitamin D? Not for me.

Personally, I can't get enough of driving home from work in the pitch-black and feeling exhausted before I even start making dinner. I live for it.

Thanks, winter. You're the best.

This. This is everything.

I miss you, summer. I miss those endless days where you could sit outside on a patio with a drink at 7 o'clock, watching the sun slowly start to set and knowing you still have at least an hour of daylight, if not more.

Now at 7 o'clock I'm blinking wearily at the clock wondering if I should just call it quits on this whole day yet or not.

Every single day.

I don't think I ever truly get used to the time change. I think I just embrace the terrible-ness of it all and go numb until the next change happens and I get to try to enjoy the sunshine while also dealing with having to wake up an hour earlier.

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