Kelly Osbourne Sports An Eyepatch After Makeup-Related Injury: 'It Was My Fault'

Kelly Osbourne has generally been having a better 2020 than most of us. Sure, it helps when you're rich and famous, but she's also been showing off a pretty dramatic physical transformation and enjoying all the benefits that have come with that.

Her latest adventure on Instagram proves that she's not immune to the curse of the year like the rest of us.

Kelly has never been someone who shies away from reality.

From the very start of her career in the public eye on The Osbournes, Sharon and Ozzy's daughter has proven she's just as outspoken and confident as her parents.

It makes sense that she wouldn't hide an injury away from her fans, especially not one with the potential to be funny.

"When your makeup artist says, 'Don't move,' don't move. Don't move at all," Kelly said in a video posted to her Instagram story.

"I'm currently on my way to the eye doctor because I scratched my [expletive] eyeball on a mascara wipe," Kelly explained. Her makeup artists began to apologize, but Kelly spoke again, insisting, "It was my fault! It really was my fault. I moved right into it."

"I really hope I get an eyepatch because that would be a [expletive] look," Kelly joked in the video.

It turns out Kelly got what she wanted! Maybe this is a lesson in being careful what you wish for.

"The only good thing about this is that it does look like I could maybe poison you and kick the [expletive] out of you just by looking at you. It still hurts," Kelly said in a video uploaded the next day wearing the eyepatch she had dreamed of.

"This is some 2020 [expletive]."

"All I can say is 2020," Kelly said with a laugh.

We're glad that Kelly is keeping a sense of humor about her injury, and we honestly think that eyepatches could maybe be the next hot fashion accessory!