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Target Is Selling Dolls With Down Syndrome That Teach Children About Inclusivity

It's never easy for a parent to have a child with special needs. The world can be a cruel place when it comes to teaching kids understanding and acceptance of different people.

It's welcome to see that Miniland Educational created a line of dolls with Down syndrome characteristics that are now available through Target's website. Don't you think it's about time?

Did you know that about one in every 700 babies born in the United States has Down syndrome?

Yet there aren't many toys kids can play with that have Down syndrome characteristics. That's about to change, thanks to one innovative toy company.

A European company called Miniland Educational created a line of dolls that feature characteristics of children with Down syndrome.

Their vision of a child's world is, "A world where being unique means shining with your own light." I think it's so admirable of them.

Miniland also believes that, "Every child is a galaxy."

They believe that parenting should be about caring and teaching and not protecting or indoctrinating. Their brand is dedicated to the community of families and educators that use their products.

So, it's no wonder they were the ones to create unique dolls that foster inclusivity and acceptance of all children.

Their line of dolls with Down syndrome does that and more. They give children with special needs a voice.

Their beautiful dolls help little ones understand the values of inclusivity and coexistence through play.

They also promote empathy and acceptance of people from any race, gender, or condition. And now, children with Down syndrome can have dolls that look just like them.

Each one of Miniland's dolls is crafted with care and handmade in Europe.

Not only are they well-done and gorgeous-looking dolls, but they are also created from soft, bendable, and natural-looking vinyl. They meet all European and American safety standards and regulations.

The best news is that you can now purchase them at Target at the affordable price of $45.99.

You can buy one of them for your child with special needs. They are also great classroom resources that raise awareness of diversity and inclusion for all children.

Isn't it wonderful that now kids can play with dolls that are representative of children with special needs?

I think that's a move in the right direction. I only wish that it hadn't taken as long as it did for this to happen.

What do you think of this line of dolls?

Do you think it's about time to have kids represented like this? If you're a parent of a child with Down syndrome, do these dolls make you feel more positive about kids' toy choices?

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