FedEx Driver Hailed A Hero After Stopping Route To Put Out Backyard Blaze

When a Los Angeles-based FedEx driver noticed a house along his delivery route was at risk of going up in flames, he wasted no time jumping into action.

According to Inside Edition, driver Jason Sloan has been hailed a hero after he was captured on a doorbell camera personally putting out the backyard flames before they could spread to the rest of the house.

The incident occurred on Veteran's Day when Jason was actually filling in for another driver and delivering a package on his route.

The otherwise quiet afternoon delivery soon took an unexpected turn when he spotted smoke billowing out of a backyard next-door.

But rather than panic, freeze up, or let someone else handle the situation, Jason leaped out of his vehicle and ran towards the fire.

Doorbell camera footage shows the FedEx driver grabbing a water hose to douse the flames himself.

"I just went ahead and turned it on. I grabbed the water hose, and I started shooting down," Jason recalled to Inside Edition.

He added that he had to climb on top of two trash cans to reach the hose over the fence so he could really target the water at fire.

Before he began battling the blaze, Jason said he yelled at neighbors to check if anyone was inside the home.

"Knock on the door!" he shouts in the doorbell video while rushing towards the garden hose he would end up using to extinguish the flames.

Thankfully, the homeowners were not inside.

Instead, Albert and Celena Rios were both at work when they began receiving panicked phone calls from their neighbors telling them what had taken place.

“Every single neighbor was like, ‘The FedEx guy is a hero, like he really acted out of nowhere,’” Celena told Inside Edition.

However, while the couple had the footage from their doorbell cam to witness the man's heroic actions, they didn't have his name to personally thank him for putting out what could have quickly become a house fire.

Shortly after the incident took place, Inside Edition helped to properly introduce Jason and the Rios.

Upon meeting each other for the first time, Celena told Jason, “We really want to thank you for what you did for us and potentially saving our home."

Later, the humble FedEx driver insisted he's no hero, but said, "I feel great. I feel good. At the same time, I’m just happy that their house didn't burn down."

It's unclear at this time what exactly caused the backyard blaze.

h/t: Inside Edition