Michael J. Fox Announces His 'Second Retirement' From Acting As His Health Declines

Michael J. Fox is opening up about his life and career in his new memoir, No Time Like The Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality. In the emotional piece, the longtime actor reflects on the future of his career, or lack thereof, according to The Los Angeles Times account of the book.

Michael J. Fox has been one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood since his lead role in the iconic *Back to the Future* franchise.

In addition to being a public figure, Fox has been an advocate for Parkinson's disease since his diagnosis in 1991 when the actor was only 29-years-old.

Now, the actor is revealing the difficult decision to step away from acting.

"There is a time for everything, and my time of putting in a 12-hour workday, and memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is best behind me.” Fox wrote, according to AV Club.

He said he’s thinking of this time as a "second retirement," and though there’s still a chance things could change, he says, "if this is the end of my acting career, so be it."

He explains this decision comes from his declining health from Parkinson’s, describing that he's started to notice more instances of memory loss and confusion.

For example, Fox says he's found himself trying to find his car keys before remembering he can’t drive anymore or asking questions to people who aren’t actually there.

The 59-year-old also reveals that he’s been binge-watching a lot of older TV shows in an effort to explore "another reality" or “visit a world that’s pre-me," saying, "just like the performers in these old shows, someday I will survive myself in reruns."

Social media has been flooded with supportive messages for the actor.

"If it's true that Michael J. Fox is retiring from acting I will miss him because he is great in everything I've ever seen him in," tweeted one fan.

"It’s sad to see Michael J. Fox retire due to health reasons, always has been one of my favourite actors and both the Back to the Future movies and Stuart Little 1 & 2 have played a big role in my childhood," tweeted another.

h/t: The Los Angeles Times.

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