15+ Times We Got Strange Advice From An Unexpected Source

People love to give advice! However, from personal experience, the advice that certain people offer can be far from actually helpful!

So, to showcase some of the weirdest and worst pieces of advice out there, here are 15+ weird pieces of advice that we could've gone without.

"How fast is it going to move?"

Maybe, just maybe, they should work on fixing this elevator instead of just putting up this quietly terrifying warning.

"Don't open them or you'll unleash the proletariat!"

I'm assuming that they meant to write, "Linen"? If not, I imagine when you open one you can just hear The Internationale playing.

"Someone altered a deer crossing sign in upstate NY."

I mean, why would anyone do this? I'm always on the lookout for centaurs when I'm driving, what kind of psychopath needs to be reminded of this?!

"It's so cold in Canada that moose are getting stuck by licking cars for salt."

Okay, how on Earth is any normal person really going to stop a moose from licking their car if it wants to. Have you ever seen a moose up close? There's no way I'd be slapping its face away from my car.

"I mean..."

There are no mistakes in life, only happy accidents! Well, except for your very existence, according to this bin, but try not to focus on that.


Looks like this warning may have come a fair few moments too late for the person who was writing this label.

"Don't worry someone corrected it!"

I'd just play it safe and not use this toilet for risk of putting the "paper" somewhere it shouldn't be put! No one wants a busted tolter!

"Great advice!"

"Pfft, they'll have to try a little harder than that to get me in there!"

"I know, right?"

"Well...maybe I'll just pop in for a second and see what it's all about."

One Parent's Great Piece Of Advice From Their Kid's Drawing!

Wow, I never thought of it like that before. I always thought that you were meant to wait in the room with the fire until help arrived, and frankly I think I'll stick to that approach!

"Ok then..."

Nope, can't work out any sense of what this is supposed to mean. It just gets worse the longer you look at it.

"Hang in there, toilet paper! I'm not giving up on you!"

Someone needs to make sure that they keep playing Rick Astley in this bathroom to keep the toilet paper's spirits up!

"Now we'll never know what Chicken-fried chicken was having for dinner..."

I mean, I reckon I could take a punt at what she was going to be making. You guys got any guesses?

"That's...weirdly specific."

I wonder how many people with drones the locals saw running around and swelling up like balloons before they had to put this up.

"A little cruel, if you ask me."

Wow, the people who stock these card shelves really need to work on their bedside manner.

"Well-placed defibrillator!"

I have found that not checking your balance and just pressing buttons without looking until money does or does not come out is the best way to deal with an ATM. Really annoys the people behind you in the queue though.

"I work with some harsh engineers..."

Oh, wonderful, now I'm crying after thinking about that scene. Nice one guys.

"You also get no phone signal..."

Yet again, this is another instance where they should probably just rectify the situation!

"DOT warning this morning."

Dear God, I hope that this person heeded the warning. Although, judging from the sky, they didn't. I guess they really do possess this power.

"My office is a fun place."

If you want to dump out your candy, then you dump out your candy! This is not a world where we give into such tyranny! We will stand up for everyone's right to dump out candy!