Women Are Highlighting Their Stretch Marks In Glitter To Celebrate Their Beauty

This is the exact purpose glitter was invented for, I just know it.

Pakastani artist Sarah Shakeel was inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi to begin decorating stretch marks of women with glitter, crystals, and other shiny images. The idea was to show how beautiful those lines can be, and women quickly embraced the idea.

Let's check it out!

Sarah is an award-winning crystal artist.

She creates collages using existing images, with an emphasis on crystallizing elements of those pictures.

She started adding glitter and crystal to the "flaws" on women's bodies to show how beautiful they truly are.

Her work is beautiful.

She uses image editing software to "remove" the stretch marks and reveal glitter and crystals underneath.

This piece celebrates the marks mothers get from carrying us. Those stretch marks are extra beautiful, don't you think?

Glitter Stretch Marks was born out of her original idea.

She started an Instagram account dedicated to showing off stretch marks in a new way. It changed how people saw their stretch marks — they weren't ugly anymore. They were sparkly!

Women loved the idea.

They started adding glitter to their own stretch marks, and some even did it with actual glitter on their actual bodies!

Now, it's a small movement to help women embrace the skin they're in.

It's especially popular with pregnant mothers.

@madamefancypants' belly has, "... housed 2 babies now over a space of 14 years and each of those stretch marks is testimony to the body I grew inside me. I grew them and they grew me. As a human and as a mother."

Others are using it in different ways!

Like this gorgeous piece on some vitiligo, which is a skin condition that results in uneven pigmentation. The glitter makes it shine and really shows off how beautiful the skin is.

Some people have been using it to embrace their psoriasis.

"I try to love my body a little more everyday, but with this skin condition it's really hard to look in the mirror and think my body is beautiful in its entirety. I hope one day I can see this as a part of me that makes me unique, like a piece of art."

Sarah wound up collaborating with Huda Beauty to use her art in a campaign!

Huda Beauty is one of the biggest beauty brands out there. The campaign brought together body positive artists from all over the world to celebrate everything that makes us unique.

So, what will you add glitter to?

Whether it's scars, stretch marks, freckles, or skin conditions, using glitter to find beauty is a touching way to accept the skin we're in. I'm totally putting it on my arms!

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