You Can Get Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Your Wine Bottles Because They Deserve To Celebrate, Too

If there's one Christmas tradition that never made sense to me, it's the ugly Christmas sweater. I know it's ironic and all, but I'm more into the message t-shirt and frankly, none of these sweaters match any of my leggings.

But I hate to be a spoil sport, so I'll jump on this ugly sweater train...for my wine bottles, that is. All of you ugly sweater party lovers are about to flip, because now our wine bottles can sport their festive sweaters, and I gotta admit, they are pretty adorable.

With designs that include Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees, these wine bottle outfits will lift everyone's spirits and be the perfect additions to the holiday magic of the season.

If the ugly sweater fits, your bottle should wear it.


These wine bottle ugly sweaters come in sets that will have you ready to start belting all the Christmas carols as you drink your jolly juice.

If wine isn't quite for you, these adorable ugly sweaters can fit on a variety of bottles that may be needing the perfect Christmas outfit for the holidays.

Get ready to rock the holiday season.


It's time to take Christmas decorating to the next level, so get ready to deck the halls with wine bottles in their ugly sweaters.

These are perfect for the Instagram grids and stories, as many of your loved ones will be applauding your decor, not to mention, asking you where you got it.

Tis the season for ugly sweaters and booze.


In addition to the sweaters, the kit also includes cute Christmas scarves. Because you don't want your Cabernet Sauvignon to get cold.

This kit isn't shy when it comes to providing customers with a diversity of colors, patterns, and holiday themes.

These make for great gifts for all loved ones that are fans of both wine and seasonal decor that has a little something special.

Don't let the season go by without making the most of it.

It's not fair for your beloved wine bottles to miss out on the most festive time of the year, let them join in the celebration too. Who knows, I may even wear one this year and pull a mommy-and-me with my fave bottle of Merlot.

These sets include six wine bottle covers, including sweaters and scarves, and are available on Amazon for around $15.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plan to sport an ugly sweater with your wine bottles this year.

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