Astronauts Brought A Baby Yoda Toy On Board SpaceX's Historic Launch

Ever dream about flying around space with a baby Yoda? Well, that is a dream come true for these astronauts. SpaceX launched four astronauts into space with a baby Yoda plush toy. Oddly enough, it is a tradition for astronauts to bring toys on space flights. The toys are used as zero gravity indicators. When the toy can float, there is low gravity.

The astronauts had fun with the toy.

Business Insider reported many of the hijinks that went on in the cockpit. Leah Cheshier, NASA Communications, reported on the livestream launch: "We've got Baby Yoda on board trying to take a seat right now." As the toy floated around the cockpit, Cheshier added "Maybe Baby Yoda's trying to pilot the vehicle."

This isn't the first toy the Crew Dragon has transported.

The first test flight had an Earth doll called Buddy aboard. The second flight had a plush dinosaur. The dinosaur was chosen because one of the astronaut's son loved dinosaurs. Both toys became famous and sold out shortly after they were shown in space.

Okay, technically, it is not Yoda.

As fans of the show know, despite that the character is commonly called baby Yoda, the character is not baby Yoda. The character is called The Child and appears after the timeline of Return of the Jedi, which means that Yoda has already passed.

The baby Yoda toy will board the International Spcae Station.

The Dragon capsule launched to bring the crew to the International Space Station. The Dragon capsule is to scheduled to remain in space until the spring. So, presumably, baby Yoda has plenty more adventures on the International Space Station ahead!

h/t: Business Insider

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