Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn Open Up About Their Relationship In Emotional Interview

It's no secret that relationships in Hollywood tend to run on a much shorter timeline than relationships out here in the real world, which is why it's actually impressive when a famous couple stays together a long time. Hollywood years are sort of like dog years, so when you hear that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for over 35 years, it's basically like they've been together since the dawn of time.

We love Kurt Russell.

The Escape From New York and The Thing star has gone from a hunky action hero to a rugged gentleman, aging like a very fine wine in the process and never losing his charm, sense of humor, or his gorgeous hair.

Seriously. Look at him! He's got nicer hair than I do.

And obviously, Goldie Hawn is an icon.

She's an Academy Award winning actress known for her work in Cactus Flower and First Wives Club, who captured all of our hearts from her first giggle on Laugh-In all the way to portraying Mrs. Claus in The Christmas Chronicles looking as beautiful as ever.

Kurt and Goldie have been dating since 1983.

They met filming Swing Shift, but have worked together in Overboard and The Christmas Chronicles, where they played the most attractive Santa and Mrs. Claus combo I think I've ever seen.

In a new interview promoting the upcoming Christmas Chronicles sequel, the couple revealed that their relationship didn't begin in the most traditional ways.

The couple revealed the very first time they met, they were on the set of a Disney musical in 1968.

There weren't sparks between them yet, though, as Goldie stated, “I mean, he was way too young for me. I was, like, dating older guys, right? I was what, 20?”

Kurt was just 15 years old at the time. “I didn’t even have a car. I didn’t have a license," he responded.

Can't say I blame Goldie for this one — I didn't want anything to do with 15 year old boys when I was also 15!

They met again 12 years later on the set of *Swing Shift.*

By that point, both of them had already gone through a recent divorce, and neither were looking for love.

“Matter of fact, when I met Goldie, I was at a time in my life and a period of my life where I was very definitely gonna put my worst foot forward when it came to any kind of a relationship,” Kurt revealed.

“The first time I met her I was horribly hungover," Kurt added.

"You know, that’s not a good foot forward. I didn’t try to put my best foot forward, because it’s a hard thing to hold that up. You know, once you’ve done that, now you’ve established something – you’ve set a bar that you can’t stay with, you can’t keep," Kurt went on.

I think he's got the right idea.

If you're hungover the first time you meet people, their impression of you can only go up! This seems like a pretty good plan for first dates, job interviews... What could go wrong?!

Right, that settles it. Someone pass me my wine bottle.

When it comes to their 37 year relationship, Goldie says that “there’s no secret."

“But for me, anyway, it’s that you both wanna be together you can actually survive a relationship in a way that when you get older you go, ‘Ah, I’m so glad I got through whatever period that was,'" Goldie said.

This is so true! Relationships can often come out of rough times stronger and more committed than ever if you're willing to put in the work to get through it.

"Relationships go through periods, sometimes really hard times," Goldie went on.

"But there's nothing sweeter than having a family, and that is worth everything."

Goldie and Kurt are definitely relationship goals. If I can find someone that I still want to be with after 37 years together, I'll definitely count myself very lucky — especially if they're as handsome as Kurt Russell!

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h/t: CBS News