People Share The Creative Ways They Recreated Their Grandparents' Vintage Photos

Have you ever seen an old photo of your grandparents that always appealed to you? Oh, I've seen a few of my grandparents. Wouldn't it be cool if you can recreate it to look almost the same in this day and age?

Well, that's exactly what these grandkids did and I gotta admit, the photos are quite uncanny. You gotta see them.

Aww, Reddit user u/stpatrick32 recreated this old gem.

"My Grandma passed away and the family decided to sell the house. I found a picture of my Grandpa and me (circa 1984) in a box while cleaning and recreated it with my children."

This lady had some fun with an old picture of her grandma that was taken back in 1931.

Here she is posing back in 2012. They were both 20-years old at the time these pictures were taken. This is so awesome.

Here are two generations of University of Melbourne graduates.

The first pictures shows this lady's mom and grandmother celebrating in 1977. The second shows her and her mum doing the same in 2012. So great to see them all succeed like this.

"My grandfather passed away in January, so my girlfriend and I decided to recreate a photo of him and my grandma at prom."

That is such a sweet gesture. Don't you think? I bet the grandfather would have loved to see that.

Wow, that's such an awesome thing to have something so unique in common with your granddad.

This person is so lucky to have such great similarities as their loved one. I really dig how they captured this moment in time here.

"Tried recreating a pic of my grandfather. Yesterday was his, mine, and my father’s birthday."

Wow, three generations of men having birthdays on the same day? I can't say I've ever heard of that before. Talk about a coincidence or what?

"I (right) recreated a picture of my grandfather (left) holding the exact same trombone."

Isn't it so interesting that the same talents can run in the family? I find it so fascinating. This young man loves the trombone as much as his grandfather.

Is it just me or do these photos look like practically the same person?

In fact, it's a grandson pictured in 2016, and his grandfather pictured back in 1965. I can't get over how identical they look. It's like looking in the mirror, ha, ha!

When the resemblance you have to your great-grandma is this uncanny you might as well recreate a vintage picture of her.

This lady did and she pretty much looks like she was born back in 1918. Don't you think? Absolutely stunning.

This woman and her boyfriend recreated her favorite photo of her grandparents.

They grew up in the same small town in South Carolina and got married as teenagers. Wow, what a moment in time that must've been? I can't imagine the challenges they must've gone through.

I would absolutely love to recreate one of my grandma's pictures especially if it was as cool as this one.

Oh wow, I can't get over how wicked this vintage car looks here. I want one of those, ha, ha!

This creative lady re-created photos of her ancestors going back 200 years.

She started with her great-great-great-grandmother, Martha (1821). Then, great-great-grandmother, Jane (1858). Next, great-grandmother, Attie Mae (1898), and finally, her grandmother, Mildred (1928). Wow, isn't that absolutely amazing? I love this.

This cool couple actually recreated their grandparents' wedding photo from 1954 at their own wedding recently.

Wow, I think that's so neat. I would have done it in black and white to match the mood of the other photo, though.

Okay, this settles it. I must find some of my grandparents' old pictures and attempt to recreate them as these folks did.

Doesn't that look like so much fun? Would you do something like this? I think this is so amazing.

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