Quotes For Anyone Who Knows The Value Of A Day Off

Remember when you were younger and the weekend meant trying to cram as much as possible into two days before Monday rolled around and you had to go back to school?

Well, as an adult Saturdays and Sundays kind of take on a different meaning. You're not working, but you're also not looking to try and fill your social calendar those days, either. To put it simply, you know the difference between "free time" and much-needed "alone time."

If you're also the kind of person who prefers to spend your days off doing quite literally the bare minimum, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

And if I'm being honest, the answer will almost definitely be a lie.

Want me to come to your adult soccer league tournament? Mmm can't, busy.

You're moving into your new apartment and need my car to lug some boxes over? Mmm can't, busy.

You're baking a bunch of cookies and need someone to come take a couple dozen off your hands? Oh wow, look at that, my schedule suddenly cleared right up! See you bright and early tomorrow!

"It's a plan" does not mean we've just made plans.

I also like to tell people to "put me down as 'maybe'" for their events when I know fully well that I will not be attending, but leaving that little hope of my presence seems nicer than straight-up saying "no way will I be there."

"Nothing" does not mean I want to do "something".

Do you know how good it feels to start work on a Monday morning after an entire weekend spent doing absolutely nothing? It's beautiful. It's glorious.

I chase that high for the rest of the week.

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