Touching Moment Dog Recognizes His Late Brother In Painting: 'I Think He Knows'

The passing of a pet isn't easy on anyone, but sometimes we can get so lost in our own grief that we can forget we aren't the only ones who might be affected by the loss of our furry friend. Especially if they happened to have a four-legged sibling.

They bonded with that pet, they loved that pet, and just like you, they lost that pet.

But just because their best buddy is gone, doesn't mean they're necessarily forgotten.

After all, they don't just live on in our memories. They live on in the memories of our other pets as well.

As this particular dog has proven, animals are just as capable of experiencing grief as we are, and appreciating what a tremendous loss of a really great friend it was.

About a month ago, that dog named Frank lost his beloved brother, Smiff.

In an interview with The Dodo, the dogs' owner, Libby Davey, explained that she recently commissioned a painting of her late pup to help her cope with Smiff's passing.

Of course, she had no idea just how much that portrait would mean to another member of her household.

Once the beautiful painting had been hung on the wall inside her home, Frank definitely took notice, and his reaction is almost too sweet to handle.

In a video posted to Facebook, Frank can be seen looking up at the picture of Smiff with his tail wagging, recognizing his beloved brother and becoming visibly excited.

“I think Frank knows that’s a painting of his brother,” Davey said.

At one point, Frank even climbs up onto the couch in order to get a closer look at his very best pal.

After giving the portrait a few curious sniffs, Frank lets out a delighted bark and continues to wag his tail as he admires Smiff.

Like I said, gone but never forgotten.

Click here to watch the full video, but do yourself a favor and make sure you have some tissues close by!

h/t: The Dodo, Facebook

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