Dad Bonds With His Daughter By Sewing Stylish Daddy-Daughter Outfits

Some parents go the extra mile to make their kids happy. Sometimes, hobbies that parents have can manifest in their relationships with their own children and make them even stronger. When parents find an activity that they can share with their children, it can lead to memories that will last forever.

This dad turned his love of sewing into a way to stylish way to bond with his daughter.

Dad Michael Gardner found a newfound love for fashion when his sister began sewing.

“My sister sparked my interest in sewing. She was customizing T-shirts and sweatshirts with beautiful fabrics and I was inspired to try sewing as well," he told CafeMom.

When he began sewing, he had no idea that his newfound hobby would bring him closer to his daughter.

At the time, his daughter Ava was only three-years-old. The new hobby became something that helped him bond with his daughter and bring them closer together.

Gardner has made over 200 dresses and outfits for his now nine-year-old daughter.

From the very start, Gardner knew that this would be something special. But, he didn't realize how much it would be a form of connecting with his daughter.

The two are constantly rocking adorable matching outfits.

Now that Ava is nine, she helps pick out the fabrics with Gardner and even helps him style them, too.

The daddy-daughter duo have tons of matching outfits that go way beyond dresses, too.

From shirts and shorts to T-shirts, the daddy and daughter have adorable outfits that are original and custom made. The best part? It's an experience they share together.

Gardner caught so much popularity for his designs, that he became an ambassador for the sewing machine company.

Last summer, Gardner became a brand ambassador for Janome Sewing Machines. He also began to design a project full of daddy-daughter outfits.

He even helps to teach his daughter how to sew.

So far, she has made some face masks to use during the coronavirus pandemic. She not only uses the sewing machine but knows how to use a manual needle and thread, too.

The dad explained that he wasn't raised by his own father and it's fueled him to want to be a more hands-on father.

"He refused to acknowledge me. There were times when I was in front of him, saying, you know, 'Hi,' (and) he wouldn't speak," he said.

He's decided to use that trauma as a way to be a better father, himself.

People online are obsessed with this daddy and daughter duo and can't stop sharing the love.

"It’s wonderful to see such a hands-on Dad with his beautiful daughter," one person said.

"You set such a fine example for other single parent dads. Showing your future can be promising," another added.

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